UNC-WFU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, T.J. Yates, Scott Lenahan and Hakeem Nicks, who spoke to the media following the 37-10 loss to Wake Forest.

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Butch Davis


Opening remarks:
"We got off to a horrible start, a slow start – we weren't playing very well. In previous ball games, we've been able to get some momentum and some traction offensively and defensively, and maybe on special teams to make a play, but we just never got on top of some of the things that miscued for us.

"I'm a huge believer that a lot of games are lost more than won. And we can't continue to have the turnovers. [We] had the unfortunate two interceptions, not getting the fumble down there that led to a score for them – the punt that hit somebody in the foot – that's three turnovers and they have none. It's extraordinarily difficult to beat somebody when they're playing that well.

"You've got to give a lot of credit to Wake Forest – they're an experienced, good football team."

On the special teams' lapses:
"Like a lot of things, too many freshmen, probably... We're playing so many of what you would deem our better players, [they] are having to start offensively and defensively. And they are getting taxed. You look at some of these games and some of these guys are playing anywhere from 55 to 75 plays…

"It's one of the curses when you‘ve got a young football team that doesn't have very much depth… That's where depth is killing us this year. The limited amount of people that you have in the pool to play on some of the special teams has put an enormous amount of pressure on a lot of guys that probably ought to be red-shirting."

On Hilee Taylor's comment that some of the players were not prepared:
"I tend to kind of agree with Hilee's assessment. But as a coach, that's up to me to make sure that they are prepared, and to try to find a way during the course of the ball game or at halftime to snap them out of it… I thought we had some of our best practices that we've had the entire season.

"We got well, the execution was good, the intensity was good. There was some confidence coming back that we had played well in the previous three ball games, and I'm very disappointed in the way in which we played and performed today."

On Wake's defensive line shifts:
"We knew that coming into the ball game. We had watched six games last year and all of the games this year, and every single team that had played against them had had 4-5-6 illegal procedures on offense with them stemming around and making their calls and triggering sometimes the snap count and the same was true a lot of times with their offense.

"Fortunately today, our defense did a much, much better job, because some of the teams had had an awful of plays where the defensive linemen jumped into the neutral zone. So we won half of the battle, but we didn't win the other half of the battle."

T.J Yates


On his interception on the opening play:
"Just a complete misread – I didn't read the linebacker coming out there in the flat. The linebacker jumped up and made a good play. It was a bad decision on my part. You can't start out the game like that, and I think I set the tone for the whole game."

On what led to the 27-point loss:
"Wake Forest is a really good, disciplined defense. They made a lot of good plays and they capitalized on all of their opportunities in all phases of the game. When they got a crease on the special teams, they took it to the house. When they got a pick, they took it to the house… We didn't come out with enough intensity. We came out slow and made bad mistakes early and it just kept going throughout the whole game."

On Wake's front seven:
"They're very disciplined. They got off the ball really fast [and] rushed the ball hard. They just wanted it more than us today. The linebacker made a couple of good plays and got some picks. Their front seven and linebackers – they just kicked our butts today."

Scott Lenahan


On if the team took a step back today:
"I don't feel that you ever take a step back. You're always going to make mistakes. Granted, we're not a young team anymore – the freshmen have started six or seven games now. But you have to look at games and always take steps forward from where you are at. I think in certain aspects, we did take a step back, but we have a very explosive offense and we just never got a chance to showcase that today."

On if the bye week led to the poor play:
"I think the bye week helped us, really. We had a lot of guys banged up. The week gave us a chance to get a lot of guys healthy. It's the first game in a little that we've come in and haven't actually had any players hurt and have to sit out the game. So I thought it helped us in that aspect, and it also gave us a chance to work on our special teams.

"We knew Wake Forest was going to be sound special team-wise, so I thought it helped us, but maybe there was something there that I don't know – I can't put my finger on it."

On if Wake's pre-snap shifts were expected:
"We knew it was going to happen. I think on the edge – between the tight ends and tackles – it's harder to hear the snap count, so I think they had a little bit more trouble in that aspect of the defensive line movement."

Hakeem Nicks


On Wake's ability to capitalize on mistakes:
"It makes a big impact, because once you turn the ball over, then you have the opportunity to get the ball and do something with it. Which they were doing – they were capitalizing on it and just weren't answering."

On the most disappointing thing about the loss:
"That that's not the way we know how to play. We play a whole lot harder than that scoreboard shows, and we just didn't put it all together."

Was the intensity there to begin with?
"Kind of. We came out ready to play, and kind of got flat as the game started, which hurt us. We've got to get past that – we can't do that."

Was it because of the bye week?
"Coming off a bye week, we're supposed to perform way better than that, and we just didn't. So we've got to get into the film room and do a lot better."

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