Abrams-Ward Leads Rout

THOMASVILLE, N.C. --- In a game postponed to Monday due to inclement weather last Friday, Thomasville dominated North Moore more than the 56-0 score might imply. Star quarterback E.J. Abrams-Ward led scoring drives on the first five possessions.

"We've got to take it as just another game," Abrams-Ward said. "Now we just have to prepare for the next game. And we just plan on getting better on every drive, every play, offense, defense, o-line, d-line – everybody."

Abrams-Ward epitomized Thomasville's performance by playing nearly flawless. In just one half of play, the 6-foot-4, 205-pounder completed both of his passes for 45 yards and a touchdown, and ran three times for 54 yards and another score.

"I did decent," Abrams-Ward said. "I can still improve just like everybody else."

Each of Thomasville's first four offensive plays from scrimmage resulted in touchdowns. Just as impressive, the starting defense forced five turnovers and returned a fumble for a score.

With a 42-0 lead, Thomasville's starters were pulled at halftime. The mercy rule, which limits clock stoppages to timeouts, kicked in midway through the second quarter.

"This game is in the books so we're going to take it just how we take every other week – we're going to work hard each day," Abrams-Ward said. "Hopefully we'll come out and win next week."

Thomasville will end the regular season with a trip to Denton (N.C.) to take on South Davidson, which only has one win. The Bulldogs will then head into the playoffs to defend their 1AA State Title and 46-game winning streak.

"I'm working towards that goal [of another State Title]," Abrams-Ward said. "That's not just a personal goal, that's a team goal. Our initial goal was to win conference; we've done that. Now we're going after the whole shebang."

Although Abrams-Ward's primary focus is his team goal, he took a break from his high school football season this past weekend to entertain a recruiting trip to Tennessee.

"I loved it," Abrams-Ward said. "It was real intense. The game went into overtime. I enjoyed my time out there."

Abrams-Ward doesn't plan to sneak in any other recruiting related trips until January.

"My first official [visit] will be sometime in January," Abrams-Ward said. "I don't know what school it will be yet. I don't quite know what schools I'll visit."

However, Abrams-Ward admitted that North Carolina is still in good shape to receive a visit.

In the meantime, UNC is putting the full court press on Abrams-Ward.

"I talk to all of the staff – Coach [Chuck] Pagano, Coach [Kenny] Browning, Coach [Butch] Davis – all of them – Coach [Charlie] Williams," Abrams-Ward said. "All of them call weekly. Sometimes they'll do a conference call or they'll just pass the phone around before they go out to the field.

"[They're just saying] how the week went, what're my thoughts so far as far as the school, and just open conversation."

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