UNC-SU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina cruised past Shaw, 114-62, in Saturday night's exhibition. Listen and read postgame quotes from Roy Williams, Danny Green, Tyler Hansbrough, Marcus Ginyard and Bobby Frasor ...



Opening Remarks -

"Well, I guess Duke must be about 40 points better than we are. It wasn't the best night for us, but I've told the guys that we've always talked about exhibitions being a glorified practice, and I do think we gained more today than we would have in practice. It's fun to play against someone else rather than beating each other up like we've done for 17 practices. I was very disappointed in the first half with careless turnovers -- I don't mind turnovers, but when they are careless turnovers that's really bad for your basketball team, and I thought most of the turnovers in the first half were of that variety.

"We didn't stay on the floor - all of a sudden everybody decided to go for the outstanding play instead of playing sound, fundamental solid defense. But we did have some moments where we did some nice things. It's a natural progression to get better every day and hopefully in the exhibition games you get some of the slippage out of the way.

"Our team does understand that we're silly if we don't throw it into Tyler. If we come down three possessions and don't throw it into him, that's not a smart team - and I think we are a smart team. Still all in all we gained a great deal more than we would have in practice.

"I was not very encouraged by the way we started the second half and that's the reason I took those five out and put five more in and I wasn't very encouraged by the way they played either, so I put five more in."

How long has Quentin been back?

"He was fully released on Thursday, but he's been practicing the first five of six practices a little less than half and then maybe the next seven or eight at more than half."



How'd you feel the team played tonight?

"We got a little sloppy at one point, but it's our first game out, and we know what we have to do to fix our mistakes and take that step forward. We didn't feel like we took a step backward, but we felt we didn't take the step forward that we wanted to."

What was the message Coach Williams was sending by pulling the first and second team and bringing in all the reserves early in the second half?

"We knew what was going on. The first team was making mistakes, and then we came in and didn't pick up the energy or make things any better and so he decided to put the other guys in and see how they do. He kind of criticized us while we were on the bench watching them play."



Does playing some four this year give you the chance to be more versatile?

"It is a little different [this year]. When Alex is in I'm more of a four, and where Deon's in I'm more of a five. ... It's a learning process, since I've been pretty much a five since I got here, but I'm learning both positions pretty well. ... When Alex's is in the game I get the chance to step out more and do different things."

Do you feel the pressure of the No. 1 ranking at all?

"Not really, I've kind of ignored that. I didn't know we were No. 1 until today, actually. It puts a big target on us, but I feel we've had a target on us for a while."



How much is Coach Williams stressing defense this year?

"Compared to my previous two years here, this is the toughest he's stressed defense - he's definitely making an effort to beat it into us."

What did you learn about the team tonight?

"We learned that we're playing very inconsistent, obviously defensively. Too many mental errors. Just not playing with enough intensity. It's just a decision we have to make to play better, to talk more on defense, to rebound better, to take care of the ball more. They are all things we've talked about and stressed in practice, but it's good to see it unfold so we can learn from it."



Before the season you told me about being intrigued at the idea of playing some off guard - how has that developed?

"To be honest, I've been playing predominantly the one in practice, mostly because it'll be better competition that way, but with 'Q' out there and moving me to the two, that was fine -- I've gotten reps up in practice at the two and I know the plays, and I felt we worked well together tonight."

Do you think it's a bad sign that Coach Williams had to send that message by pulling everyone?

"It is bad. We didn't show how experienced we are. But we can learn from this, we can watch tape and maybe next exhibition we can prove that we're a lot better than we showed tonight."

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