Abrams-Ward Visits 'Hometown Favorite'

With a Saturday afternoon free, E.J. Abrams-Ward decided to unofficially visit North Carolina for the conference match-up against Maryland.

"I called and asked [the coaches] Wednesday," said Abrams-Ward, a 6-foot-4, 205-pound multi-sport star from Thomasville (N.C.). "I had nothing planned, so I figured I could make plans and get out there."

Abrams-Ward's was able to spend some time talking to UNC's football staff, including discussions with offensive coordinator John Shoop, head coach Butch Davis, and wide receiver coach Charlie Williams.

"[We talked] just about the school in general as far as student athlete's graduation ratios and as a freshman what type of things I would be able to do," Abrams-Ward said. "Just basically, they were trying hard to recruit me."

The topic of Abrams-Ward's collegiate position also come up.

"The one coach said I had the ability to play on both sides of the ball and definitely as a freshman I'll be able to compete at certain spots such as wide receiver or tight end," Abrams-Ward said. "If I put on enough weight, then I'll have a chance to play some defense. He said there are a lot of positions that I would be able to try out for."

The common perception is that he is looking to play quarterback at the next level. However, he says that he "really would prefer to play wide receiver."

Abrams-Ward stay, of course, revolved around UNC's game – a 16-13 victory.

"[The game] was wonderful," Abrams-Ward said. "I love the way the offense was running the ball, that they are very aggressive in the air and on the ground. Defensive-wise, they're a whole lot better than they were when they started out in the beginning of the season.

"Coach Davis has those boys on the rise and they'll be a great team in the near future. Carolina has a lot of potential."

Before the game, Abrams-Ward received a tour of the campus.

"It's a beautiful campus," he said. "As far as being homecoming, it was very energetic [and] a lot of support around the whole campus."

Abrams-Ward said a unique highlight of this visit was a conversation with Roy Williams, UNC's Hall of Fame basketball coach. The two talked about the opportunity of possibly joining the basketball team as a walk-on.

"The football coaches have talked to [Roy Williams] already about playing two sports," Abrams-Ward said. "He said he'll look into it as far as me being able to play on that level… He said [the football coaches] are all for it, and after he checks me out for himself and I'm all good, he'll be all for it, too."

If everything works out and the opportunity to walk-on the basketball team materializes, it could work in UNC's favor. However, it wouldn't result in a slam dunk verbal commitment.

"It's a big deal to be able to play for Roy Williams," Abrams-Ward said. "But it still won't make me a lock to go to Chapel Hill, because the number one sport I'm being recruited for is football."

Abrams-Ward, who plans to have his entire official visits schedule mapped out by mid-December, won't designate a leader until after taking all five of his official trips. However, he readily admits that UNC has an unmatched edge.

"It's a hometown favorite," Abrams-Ward said. "And when it's time for me to make a decision, it will be in the back of my mind, definitely."

This weekend he will unofficially visit Columbia, S.C. for the South Carolina-Florida game.

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