Kendall Marshall's Journal - Nov. '07

Future Tar Heel Kendall Marshall, a 6-3 sophomore point guard at Arlington (Va.) Bishop O'Connell, will keep Tar Heel fans updated on his path to Chapel Hill with regular journal entries at

In his November entry, Marshall reflects on his commitment to UNC, his recent trip to Chapel Hill and his relationship with Marcus Ginyard.



The week leading up to the press conference in September was mentally the toughest week that I've been through in a while. Just thinking about it constantly and having to listen to everybody and having everybody give me their two cents about it.

Now that it's over, I can just focus on high school basketball and my school work. I'm happy it's over, but it also makes some stuff harder because now that I'm committed to Carolina I have a lot of people gunning for me.

And pressure -- I get it all the time. Carolina fans pressure me and I get a lot of people talking to me about going to Carolina and telling me how good of a player that I have to be and just joking around. But I know in the back of my mind that they are serious and I'm going to have to live up to the hype.


Going to Late Night last month was a lot of fun, just getting to be around all the players and all of my future college teammates. Just being there and watching them going through the skits and through their first practice, it was kind of cool because that's going to be me one day.

The skits are kind of crazy, not everyone has a side like that and is able to come out of their shell, but I think I'll be able to do it. Being there was a great feeling.

The players have always been very welcoming to me and I felt just as much a part of the team before I committed as I do now, even though I'm not officially there. I talk to the players now every once in a while.

It was a huge eye opener seeing them practice and it made me realize that I still need to develop when it comes to the physical part of the game. It was also a comfort seeing that a lot of the stuff that they do, is a lot of the stuff that I do and the stuff that I work on. I feel like I'm already a little ahead of the game.


As far as my workouts I'm just doing what got me to this point and of course adding things that I need to work on. My main focus this summer was to get a lot stronger and work on my defense. So I'm going to continue to work on that stuff, but I don't want to change too much because it's what got me to this point.

Naturally I'm going to get bigger and stronger, but there are also ways that I can help that out by getting in the weight room, eating right. And, just defensively, I want to continue to get quicker and become a one-on-one defensive stopper. Those are the main things that Coach Williams talked to me about.


Marcus is like a big brother to me and has played a big role in my life with basketball and off the court. Whenever I need anything or have a question he's always there for me.

I've become pretty cool with Deon and Ty, too. I call them up every once and while just to see how they are doing and they help me out and do the same. I talk to Marcus about once a week, but it's hard with school and the season getting ready to start.

Marcus was very proud of me for becoming a Tar Heel. He talked to me about how the work is just now beginning and how I have to really put my mind to it now. Everyone is going to be gunning for me, so with that big target on my back I just have to keep working hard.

-- Kendall

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