Visit Exceeds Alexander's Expectations

A.J. Alexander took his second official visit in as many weeks when he traveled to North Carolina over the weekend.

"It was great," Alexander said. "It was more than I expected."

Alexander, a 5-foot-11, 170-pound athlete from Altoona (Pa.), visited Tennessee the weekend prior.

"Both visits make it such a hard decision," Alexander said. "Right now I'd say it's all even.

"Like I told everyone else, I got a list of everything I like and the stuff I didn't like [from each school I've visited]."

Alexander's travels have made his recruitment so tight that he'll be taking second trips to each school and bringing his mother.

"[We'll visit] for a basketball game," Alexander said. "I'll come down for a weekend for an unofficial [visit]. She should see it all, because she's probably the most influential person on my decision. I'd like her to see all the places."

According to Alexander, his mom wants him to go to the school that is the best fit for him – even if that is sacrificing the opportunity to play close to home.

Alexander's final three official visits have been granted to Clemson, Penn State, and Pittsburgh. He expects the trip to Clemson to be scheduled soon, while his Happy Valley visit will occur in January.

With so much traveling to do, Alexander doesn't expect to make a verbal commitment until closer to National Signing Day.

"Whatever coaches I trust the most [is where I'll go]," Alexander said. "I feel like I can trust North Carolina's coaches."

Shortly after arriving on campus, Alexander was shown various parts of the campus including Franklin Street. According to him, he stopped to eat "almost every 30 minutes."

"I just loved it," Alexander said. "I was thinking ‘North Carolina? Like Really?' Before I was never thinking about coming to North Carolina, but then I was in awe."

After participating in the Old Well Walk, Alexander watched UNC defeat Maryland, 16-13.

"It was a good game," Alexander said. "I like what Coach [John] Shoop is doing.

"[Kenan Stadium] was great. Even though it's not that big, they're adding on to it."

Alexander said he was shown the blueprints for the stadium expansion plans.

Immediately following the football game, Alexander traveled down the road for UNC's exhibition basketball game

"That was probably the nicest arena I've ever seen," Alexander said. "I've never been to a basketball game like it and it was only an exhibition game."

Alexander was supposed to hang out with his host, Greg Little, Saturday night. But, the exhaustion from the traveling kicked in. The next morning, Alexander went to Shoop's house for breakfast.

"He makes really good pancakes," Alexander said.

Shoop, UNC's offensive coordinator and Alexander's primary recruiter, spent most of Sunday afternoon with the speedy offensive weapon.

"He was just showing me how they'd use me and stuff," Alexander said. "He's crazy. He was showing me film and writing down notes. He would say ‘Another guy I've coached – you might have heard of him – Randy Moss.'

"Then he was going on showing me [plays]. He would say ‘Maybe I want you on this side and here you'll run this route.' He was going on and on. He would say ‘You sure you want more? Maybe I want you in the backfield now. No, now I want you to run this reverse.' I was just like ‘Wow.'

"They call him the mad scientist. I'm sure he could go on for days writing up plays."

Alexander's stay concluded with the traditional meeting with Butch Davis.

"[He talked about] how they're redoing everything right now and how they're going out for the best players," Alexander said. "He talked about his first six years [at Miami] and all those players that went in the first round [of the NFL draft]."

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