Strickland Recaps UNC Trip

Dexter Strickland, the top-ranked junior point guard in the country according to, traveled with his family to Chapel Hill last weekend. On Friday night he talked with Inside Carolina about the trip ...

How was your trip to North Carolina?

It was good. I got the chance to take my family down there. There were like ten of us in a RV. So I brought my family down there, we saw the football game and we had a real good time. We saw the basketball exhibition game and I think we all enjoyed ourselves.

What gave you the idea to rent an RV?

My uncle really came up with the idea. My family always comes down to support me. They've been to all my visits and they didn't feel like having three or four cars all following each other, so we just decided to just rent a big RV and have everyone in it.

So your family has been on all of your visits with you?

Mostly, my last two they've all been with me. Indiana and Florida.

Did you get a chance to sit down with Roy Williams and talk to him?

Yes, we talked one-on-one. I asked him who else he was recruiting in my class, so I can be more comfortable when I sit down to make my decision. I ask every coach who in my class has interest in the school that I'm interested in. That's one thing I look for. He was just basically saying that if I came there that we are going to play my style of play and we'll have big games and they won't put any pressure on me. He was just telling the people that are going to leave ... and who is going to be there. I think we had a really good conversation.

Heading into your visit, it seemed like Michigan State and Florida were out in front. Is that still the case?

I don't have a favorite school right now because I still think it's early. I would say that my top three are UNC, Florida and Michigan State. That's not in any order, those are just my top three.

At one point you talked about making an early decision, what are you thinking now?

I don't know yet. I have told people that I might make it in the middle of this year's season, but my dad wants me to look at more schools. I'm probably going to take my time and pick the right school. I don't want to rush into it. I don't mean to brag, but I have a lot of schools to pick from. I just don't want to pick a school and regret it.

Dominic Cheek is getting recruited hard by UNC and you two are from near the same area. Are you two close?

Yeah, we are. Actually Kendall [Marshall] I know him, too. He actually texted me two days ago and he asked me how I liked the visit. If I go there we are going to be good friends. Dominic and I are good friends also. He played with me in the New Jersey versus Philly game. His school and my school are big rivals, but we are still friends. He's also interested in UNC and that's good, too.

What's your plan with visits, are you going to try and take anymore?

I'm not sure. I might take a visit to Memphis, but I'm not sure yet though. I told my dad that I've been to enough schools to get a feel for how it should feel when you walk on to campus and get relationships with the coaching staffs and players. Like I said I think I've been to enough schools to make my decision pretty soon.

You mentioned your top three schools and Memphis as well, who else is involved.?

Villanova, Indiana those are the main ones and Rutgers and Ohio State.

Are most of the schools recruiting you to play the point?

Coach [Williams] was explaining to me that I was 6-3 now and I'm only 17 so I'm probably going to grow one more inch. He said he sees me playing the one or the two. Larry Drew is going there and he's 6-1, and he said he sees me playing in the game with him and playing the one and two, but mostly the two and also the one. He said it really doesn't matter, more of a combo guard.

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