Up Close: Scott Lenahan, Part II

<I>IC</I> recruiting writer Andy Britt is touring the countryside to visit each and every UNC football commitment. Look for his unique two-part profiles all season long. Today -- the second installment on Scott Lenahan.

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KENNESAW, Ga. -- North Carolina and former Georgia Tech defensive coordinator Dave Huxtable got the inside track on Scott Lenahan by impressing his coach during his six years in Atlanta. Northern Georgia is still an area where Huxtable trolls heavily in search of future Tar Heels.

Harrison head coach Bruce Cobleigh already had solid respect for the UNC program through the friendship forged with Huxtable and had no reservations about Lenahan winding up in Chapel Hill.

Therefore, he took a passive approach to his input. Not because of apathy, but because of supreme confidence in Lenahan's foresight and his family support structure.

"It's not my life; it's theirs," Cobleigh said. "Scotty's parents are pretty sharp people; they didn't need all my help. And I knew right off the bat that what [Huxtable] says is truthful.

"This isn't rocket science."

UNC assistant coach Hal Hunter was already involved with Lenahan during his years as an assistant at Indiana. While Huxtable had his coach's ear, it was perhaps Hunter – a veteran offensive line coach who made a name for himself in the Big 10 – that had the most impact from Lenahan's perspective.

"I was traveling around this summer and Coach Hunter thought it would be important to come up there and see how I work with him," Lenahan said. "I really like how Coach Hunter thinks and how he runs things. He is an unbelievable guy."

Cobleigh was pleased that the process went so smoothly.

His third-ranked Hoyas will place at least five Division I players at major universities next fall, with four having benefited this season from their early decisions: OL – Scott Lenahan, North Carolina; CB - Paul Oliver, Georgia; RB -Jason Evans, Penn State; LB - Tim Cesa, Maryland; and LB – Jon Abbate, undecided.

"You don't have to take all of those phone calls and deal with all that pressure," Cobleigh said. "You don't have to put up with that if they already know what they want to do.

"Once he gets a fit and it feels right, I think he should just go ahead and do it," he said. "How much difference is it going to be from one to another at all, if they're academically sound and have what you want as a major?"

Lenahan made the trip up for the Texas game on Sept. 14. Following the game, he said he was not concerned about the direction Bunting was taking the UNC football program. His commit remains firm despite the 52-21 defeat he witnessed and the inconsistent season the Tar Heels are currently experiencing.

"He's finally getting his guys in there, and everything is looking up," Lenahan said. "North Carolina will be known for football really soon, [whereas] basketball has always been the dominant sport."

Lenahan's decision was made final last summer and it appears to be safe as well from any last minute interloping.

"Michigan was hot on him, and we were looking at Nebraska," father Terry Lenahan said. "I sat down with Scottie and said, ‘What do you like?' He said, ‘I want to go to Carolina.'

"He's not taking any other trips."

(IC's J.B. Cissell contributed to this report.)

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