UNC-LRC: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Danny Green, Deon Thompson and Bobby Frasor, who spoke to the media following the 107-52 victory over Lenoir-Rhyne.

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Roy Williams


Opening remarks:
"I think it did help us a great deal more than a practice did. I think Lenoir-Rhyne did some nice things. I think their doubling in the low post is something we're going to face that all year and we've got to do a better job than we did tonight. They did try to spread and try to dribble penetrate – we are going to face that all year so that helped us as well. I thought we were much more active defensively than we were Saturday when we played last. I thought Danny Green gave us a big lift off the bench with 16 points and 10 rebounds."

On Tyler Hansbrough's thumb injury:
"He's fine. He's jammed his thumb about 44 times since he's been here. It's always the same one. People keep whacking it and it keeps hurting. I even went down – I was pretty sure the answer, but I guess that I just wanted to make sure – I went down the bench and said, ‘If we were playing Davidson and we needed you back in the game…' and he said, ‘Oh, I can play.' They're not even going to take x-rays."

On William Graves' absence:
"Sprained his ankle in practice. [He] hasn't practiced the last three days."

On three-point shooting:
"I am not worried the least. I am more worried about what we lost defensively last year. We shot fifty-one free throws because we took the ball inside. We are going to shoot the ball well."

On Marcus Ginyard:
"I love him to death, but I got on him at halftime, because two of his turnovers in the first half were just silly turnovers. Even when they threw the long homerun ball, we had a timeout and I said, ‘If you're guarding the guy taking the ball out of bounds, it's a spot throw-in, so be all over him.' And he and Bobby were out there discussing the state of the nation's economy. I love Marcus, but no, he's got to play better than he did tonight."

Danny Green


On how the team played tonight:
"I felt like we played a lot better game than we did last game. We played better defensively and I think it showed, and hopefully we'll keep taking steps forward."

On replacing Wes Miller and Reyshawn Terry's three-point shooting:
"It's hard. They shot the ball very well, but I think we still have some good shooters on this team. You probably haven't noticed it or seen it yet, because we haven't had anybody really shoot the lights out yet or anything, but there's some guys that will surprise you this year that can really shoot the ball. Hopefully we'll get better and better each game, and you'll see the shooting percentage go up."

Are you as comfortable playing down low as you look?
"I don't know. I don't know how comfortable I look, but I guess the more I do it in practice, the more comfortable I'll get with it. I'm still an amateur at it, but I'm getting used to it. I'm learning from the other guys – Deon, Alex – playing the four spot. Hopefully I'll get more comfortable as the season goes along."

Deon Thompson


On being ranked No. 1 in the preseason:
"It doesn't mean anything at all. Coach tells us that every day – it only matters who's No. 1 at the end. People are looking at us [and] we've got a target on our chest, but it doesn't mean anything."

On the importance of defense for this team:
"That's the one thing, because we're going to score. Honestly, I don't think we've hit more than five three-pointers in the last two games, and we're still scoring. Once we start even hitting threes, our scoring is going to go up more. If we can just stop people – that's the biggest thing for us."

On the physical nature of this ball game:
"We just wanted to be intense and be all over the place… I know, me personally, I wasn't mentally prepared. I didn't think they were going to be that physical, honestly. So I wasn't mentally prepared, but in the second half, I think we came out and kept that intensity going."

Bobby Frasor


On playing exhibition games:
"You just get a better feel playing against someone else, instead of going against the same guys every day. Competing out there against people in front of the crowd, you really get to work on some things that won't be able to do in practice."

On playing the off guard position:
"You've got to be ready to shoot the ball. I was talking to my dad last week about it, and he's always telling me to look for my shot when it's there, because when you're playing the two, that's kind of what you're there for."

On how his shot is progressing:
"It's still feeling good. Our last exhibition I was 0-for-2 from [three-point range]. I thought both of my looks were good shots that I could have made. I've been in the gym a lot shooting, and I'll continue to do that so I'll feel that every shot is going in – that's what I want it to be."

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