UNC-NCSU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, T.J. Yates, Kendric Burney and Kentwan Balmer, who spoke to the media following the 31-27 loss to N.C. State.

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Butch Davis


Opening remarks:
"It was a tough ball game, especially when you add in the rivalry between the two teams. We dug such a big hole in the first half that it really hurt us. We have to be more competitively balanced as a football team from now on."

On the halftime adjustments:
"We talked at halftime and made a few adjustments defensively. We knew we needed to do better against the run. I think we looked a lot better defensively in the second half and I liked how our defensive line got after the quarterback. If you're going to win a game like this, you have to win it on defense. Charlie [Brown] and Kendric [Burney] both has big plays for us."

On the final drive:
"We did some good things executing on that last drive. We moved it down the field and got four good shots from the [seven-yard line]. Of course, we wish we could get one of those chances back."

On T.J. Yates:
"Anytime you're playing a freshman quarterback, there's an enormous amount of baptism under fire. He's going to take an enormous amount of criticism when the team doesn't win, and he's probably going to get more credit than he deserves if the team does play well and does well. In every one of these situations, I think he's learned something. He stays in the pocket, he maintains his poise. He had plenty of chances today with all of the sacks and some of the pressures to maybe emotionally pack it in, but he didn't do it. He hung in there and he drove us down and gave us a chance at the end of the ball game to try to win the game."

T.J Yates


On the last drive of the game:
"The defense did a good job getting us the lead in the fourth quarter, but we've definitely just got to do better and convert."

On the frustration of close losses:
"We've been so close way too many times. We've just got to do something to get over that hump, because we've been doing this all season long. We get so close – one play or the other – so many games this season [have gone] the other way. We've got to overcome it and get a win."

What will it take to get over that hump?
"Just play every play the same. Take one play at a time, don't look ahead. Just focus on this play. Bad play or good play, you've got to forget it and go to the next one so that you can stay as focused as possible."

Kendric Burney


On losing the hope of a bowl game:
"That was our goal – to go to a bowl game. But you know, most teams would sit down after this, but we're going to keep fighting and keep playing hard these next two games. We want to come out with W's. Just because we're not going to a bowl doesn't mean we're going to stop playing."

On his play:
"I feel I played pretty well, but it's a team sport and we came out with a L, so we've just got to go watch film and make some corrections."

On how tough this loss is:
"A loss is always tough, especially with it being State, our archrival. We played hard, and the defense came out in the second half. If we can just put everything together in one game, we'll be all right."

Kentwan Balmer


On the game:
"I'm just so proud of the way our team played today. They put it on the line for the seniors and the coaching staff. We could have easily quit and shut it down. The momentum was against us and [they] had a hostile crowd, but yet we came out and we fought, and even took the lead… That says a lot about this team and where its headed."

On N.C. State's early running success:
"Just undisciplined. We did some undisciplined things in the first half and it hurt us with the running game."

On the halftime adjustments:
We just settled down and played technique-sound defense and executed what we were supposed to do. Guys were disciplined, and it showed – we shut them down."

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