Blizzard Returns to Scott Stadium as a Tar Heel

UNC tight end Bobby Blizzard could be playing a home football game this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia; instead the Cavalier fans will view him as the enemy.

He is a Hampton, Virginia native and originally he gave an oral commitment to play football at the University of Virginia, along with long-time friends Ronald Curry and Darnell Hollier,

"They called me that night on three-way," Blizzard recalled. "They were like, 'We're going to Virginia. Are you coming?' I was like, 'Yeah, let's go,' and the next day we announced it."

A few days later, he had second thoughts and began talking things out with his parents.

"I wasn't thinking for myself, as far as what I wanted to do in college and what I wanted to get done," Blizzard said. "I didn't think UVA, at the time, was going to help me do that, so I had to take back my commitment."

In high school he didn't do a whole lot of blocking. His main job was as a receiver, so he wanted to go to some team that had an offense that was putting the ball in the air.

"I just wanted to catch passes," Blizzard said, "so I felt like, with Kentucky throwing the ball 63 times a game, I'm going to go there and catch a couple balls [each game]. UVA was mainly a run-based offense, and I didn't want to block anybody at the time. I wanted to go where I was going to get the ball."

The offensive coordinator at UVA at the time who ran the "run-based offense"? None other than Gary Tranquill, the current UNC offensive coordinator.

"I don't know how that happened," Blizzard remarked with a laugh and a smile. "Right now I'm happy. He's getting me the ball. I can't complain about that."

Twelve times this year quarterback Darian Durant has hit this tight end target for 203 yards and three touchdowns.

This week, not only will he be a target of Durant. He may be a target of the Virginia fans. Many assumed all along that he would be a Cavalier. He was even signing UVA hats while he was still in high school. And this is the same fan base that turned on Ronald Curry for committing to Virginia on the very same night as Blizzard, only to back out later.

Virginia native and former UNC fullback Deon Dyer told stories of how "You've got to stay strapped up on the sideline. You never know what they are going to throw at you."

"Ronald told me about that", Blizzard said. "He told me before I got here that one time, he was on the sidelines and someone threw a bottle at him. I'm going to keep that in mind."

"This is my first time going back there," Blizzard added. "I hope they don't do me like they did Ronald--boo him every time. But if they do, it won't bother me. I'm just ready to get my hand on my old teammates. Hopefully, we can win and I will have bragging rights for a year."

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