UNC-DC: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Danny Green and Tyler Hansbrough, who spoke to the media following the 72-68 victory over Davidson.

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Roy Williams


Opening remarks:
"It wasn't the prettiest win, but it was a win over a very, very worthy opponent. We were a little shaky early – acted like it was the first basketball game we'd ever played. Then we settled down and came out in the second half and got off to a bad start again. I think it's also part of the learning process. Don't like to be out there without Ty [Lawson] for the first half with three fouls. None of them were good fouls – if you're going to make three fouls in a half, make sure it's a definitive foul on you and not one that can go either way.

"We counted up as we were walking down here, we had 19 turnovers, but we had seven of them on offensive fouls, either charges or illegal screens. Everybody talks about our three-point shooting – if we take away three illegal screens, we made three three's. Every time the guy called an illegal screen, we made the shot… Danny [Green] gave us some big minutes off the bench. I thought in the first half Bobby [Frasor] and Quentin [Thomas] gave us a big lift when Ty was out of there.

"I thought Tyler was unbelievable on the backboards and yet we did a very poor job of getting him the ball in the second half, but yet, that's what their team wanted to do as well. Every time he touched it, they doubled him and we've got to get him more than six shots in a game. I'd like for him to have 20 shots every game – that means adding his free throw attempts to his field goal attempts. He only had 16, so we've got to do a better job than that.

"Wayne was big-time for us – that's the Wayne Ellington that I think we're going to have all year long. Maybe I need to jump him at pregame a little bit more to have that game all of the time, but he made some big shots, but yet he missed the easiest one that he had [in] that lay-up. Again, I feel very good about the ‘W.' I don't feel very good about the way we played, but give Davidson credit – they do some nice things defensively [and] they do some nice things offensively."

On Frasor's time at the point:
"You're probably only talking about four minutes. Because he was never at the one in the second half. He was with Ty and Q, but during that one stretch he made a big three [and] Danny made a three. He showed us savvy [when] they went to a half-court trap, and then he penetrated once and got us a big basket… He's had problems with his shoulder. He got it whacked again, or we would have probably had him in at the end of the game tonight, too."

On depth playing a role in the victory:
"I do think that we have a deep basketball team. I have confidence in Bobby, I have confidence in Q. I have confidence in Deon or Alex, [but] they just didn't play worth a darn tonight. But that's the reason that Danny is so valuable to us."

Danny Green


On if this game felt like a NCAA Tournament game:
"It feels like it's the whole season carried over, because we have everybody back and it's the same thing. Everybody's used to each other… This game felt like it was tournament time."

On Lawson's early foul trouble:
"That hurt us. He got into foul trouble early. A lot of call didn't go our way – we had a lot of offensive fouls, but I guess that's what the referees are looking for. This year is watching offensive fouls. But he got early and we had to get some of our subs in, and I think the guys on the bench helped us out a lot."

On Stephen Curry:
"He's a shooter. He can play some basketball. I didn't get a chance to guard him, but he can play."

Tyler Hansbrough


On playing a tough game to open up the season:
"A lot, I think. Sometimes teams open up with weaker opponents. We came to Davidson – a real quality opponent. They play well, and I think it will help us in the long run."

On the atmosphere:
"I think it was more of a home game for Davidson, with all of their student section over there, but still, I think coming out here our first game and having it this close will help us in the long run."

On the constant double teams in the post:
"It's difficult, but I've worked on it in practice, and I've seen it, so it's just one of those things that I expect… We simulate the double teams in the post [in practice]."

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