Butch Davis Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Butch Davis said on his radio program Thursday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On Georgia Tech:
"This will be a little bit of an old throwback type of game plan from the standpoint that I think over the last five games, they've averaged in access over 40 runs per game. I think in three of the games they've run the ball 50 times. They're averaging 18-20 passes a game, and they really only throw when they have to… If you like physical contact, this is the kind of game that you're really going to enjoy playing in…

"Jon Tenuta is the defensive coordinator at Georgia Tech, and one of the things that has certainly allowed them to do this is of the top-22 players on Georgia Tech's defense, 18 of them are juniors and seniors. And they've grown into the ability to handle a lot of pressure. They are a fire zone blitz team – very rarely do they ever bring seven and play zero coverage, it's always either man-free in the backend or it's always three-deep.

"I guess the best NFL analogy is that they're kind of like the Pittsburgh Steelers. They're always bringing somebody, it may be corners or free safeties, dropping defensive linemen out, they're checking all of your protections out [and] try to give you as many negative plays as they can. Currently, they're No. 6 in the country [in total defense]. I think that we've got some weapons and I think that we can do some stuff against them and I think that if we play well, we can win the game."

On Hakeem Nicks' end zone pass that was ruled incomplete:
"In some of the conversations that we always have with the ACC's head of officiating, Doug Rhoads, we submit every single week 10-12-15 calls that we want some clarification on. Are we coaching this wrong? Was this the right call? Should it have been made? Were the mechanics of the officiating correct? And one of the things that Doug alluded to about Hakeem's catch was that as he went up with the ball, you could clearly see that he had both hands on the ball at the top of the catch. As he was beginning to descend and go down, he tucked the ball under his right arm and braced himself for the fall with his left hand.

"Our contention was that as soon as he had possession of the ball with two hands and he had tucked it away, if had been a foot or a hand that had immediately touched the ground, would that have constituted a catch? We had some television angles that were different from maybe just the coaches' angles that we sent in and we [watched it in slow-motion] and took a look at it, and clearly, Hakeem's hand touches the ground, his elbow touches the ground and then as his full body hits the ground, then you see the ball come out.

"Doug's response to us was that had the call on the field been a touchdown, there was not sufficient enough evidence to change the call that was made on the field. And unfortunately, the back judge called that it was an incomplete pass, because when Hakeem goes down, you really can't see all of the things other than you see his hand. If you're wearing Carolina blue, you'd like to say that should have been a touchdown.

"But that was their validation – their interpretation of the rule was if it had gone the other way, they would have called it a touchdown and they would have not overruled it. But when they called it an incomplete pass, they stood with the call."

On the ground being able to force an incomplete pass in the end zone:
"Simultaneously, if you have the ball and you hit the ground with the ball and the ball comes out, they will call that an incomplete [pass], whereas on the field they wouldn't necessarily do that."

Injury report:
"We've been very fortunate this year. We've lost a few kids who we certainly would have loved to have had throughout the course of the season, but week in and week out, with as physical as the games are and as many guys as we're playing, we've been very fortunate. We didn't lose anybody in last week's ball game, so everybody should be healthy and ready to go on Saturday."

Stadium expansion update:
"They've got preliminary drawings, but they don't have any of the finished product… They hope to have pretty close to what they hope to be the finished product somewhere around the first of December, so that when recruits start coming here for their official visits, we can show them something that would be reasonably close – within 85 to 90 percent accurate."

On uniform changes next year:
"We are going to white cleats for next year. We've already talked to Nike about it. The players were excited. When Nike came in two or three months ago to talk about next year's uniforms… they brought in a variety of different shoes and the players were like, ‘Let's go white, let's go white.' So if it makes them play better and run faster, then I'm all for it."

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