UNC-GT: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, T.J. Yates, Greg Little, Hakeem Nicks and Connor Barth, who spoke to the media following the 27-25 loss to Georgia Tech.

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Butch Davis


Opening remarks:
"Well, it was a hard one today. I told the players in the locker room that there is a lot of ways to define winning and champions. It is the teams that never give up or surrender. I will tell you our kids played very hard today – they spilled their guts out there. There was not one kid that played in that ball game that had anything left in the tank. As a coach, I will tell you that I am very proud of the way these kids played today. We have obvious issues and shortcomings, but we have never used any of those as excuses.

"We put ourselves in position to win and were one first down away from maybe pulling off a miracle. Some guys made some plays today. Our defense bailed us out time and time again. Without their performance today, we have no chance to win. I was proud of the team, and I know that we will go back and do everything we can do to finish on a positive note and win the next game."

On if he thought the game was over when UNC took the lead late:
"I'm a realist. I have been in too many games. I have stood on the sidelines for 33 years. I was on the sideline when [Doug] Flutie threw his pass and then when we did it to Jacksonville with one tick on the clock and we threw it 60 yards."

On Greg Little:
"We tried giving him some opportunities a few weeks ago after going with a running back by committee approach early in the season. We could see what the guys were giving us after 10 games. It is a hard transition to go from wideout to getting the snot knocked out of you 30 times a game. You want to talk about a kid that got a crash course in learning this week – you can't say enough at what Little has done. We can't give him everything, but with what we gave him, he did very well."

T.J Yates


On Greg Little:
"He did a great job today. He caught some passes as a wide receiver, but he also ran the ball real hard. He never went down and kept giving second effort and everything. He got some big plays that putting us in scoring position, so I thought Greg did a great job."

On Hakeem Nicks:
"Hakeem did a great job, too. Whenever you get the ball to him, he's automatic. He's going to get some extra yards for you. Every time you get him the ball, he's going to get 10 extra yards, if not more, so he's always a sure thing with catches."

On the red zone problems:
"The most important thing is getting the running game going in the red zone, because it's really tight quarters down there within the passing game, so we've definitely just got to work on the running game and be able just to pound them in there."

Greg Little


On the transition to running back:
"It wasn't that much of an adjustment. I just put in hard work and overtime after practice. Coming after with Coach [Ken] Browning and staying some with Coach [John] Shoop and I think I made that transition today pretty well."

On getting a lot more touches than he had been getting:
"It was definitely a challenge getting that many touches, because at running back you knew you'd get banged up a little bit more than you do at receiver. It was a heavy load to carry, but I think I did pretty well."

Hakeem Nicks


How do you solve the red zone problems?
Consistency. We need to be more consistent in making big plays."

Did you think you guys had this one won when you took the lead?
"Yes… I think we did. I think we did."

On how hard it is to keep your head up after so many close losses:
"Everybody knows we have talent. We're just a young team. And once we figure out what it is and put it all together, I feel like we'll be a very dominant team in the future."

Connor Barth


On if he was part of the decision to try a field goal at the end of the game:
"No – I didn't even know. I just heard, ‘Field goal,' and I was like, "Oh… alright, let's go.'"

On if he's kicked a 63-yarder before:
"Yes. I hit a 70-yarder in spring ball this year, but there was a lot of wind. I'll go out there during the day and kick 60-yarders, but it's different with the snap and the hold and everything… That thing came off my foot good. That ball came off my foot really hard and it felt great, so I would have liked to have seen the result,, but I didn't quite get to, because he got his hand on it."

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