UNC-Iona: Postgame Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina routed Iona, 107-72, in Sunday's home opener. Listen and read postgame quotes from Roy Williams, Tyler Hansbrough, Marcus Ginyard and Deon Thompson ...



Opening Remarks -

"I was pleased with what we did defensively, especially in the first half. In the second half I think we let them take too many uncontested shots. You don't like to look down and see the other team shot 57 percent against you in a half. But for us, I thought we were really active defensively, but again particularly in the first half. We like to see five guys in double figures, but one thing I talked to them at halftime about was that we had 12 turnovers -- eight of them were from Deon, Tyler and Alex ... and those same three guys only had two in the second half."

It seemed like you did a lot more halfcourt trap and fullcourt press than we usually see from you early ...

"We feel like that should be an advantage for us in this game. On Wednesday night we didn't feel like it'd be a big advantage for us so we didn't do it. We felt that we could get them to turn the ball over and they weren't as proficient [as Davidson] and when you trap you also open people up for three point shots."

What did you think of your team's patience and shot selection against their zone?

"I liked it. I think we missed some -- we took too many threes, I don't like that -- but just because somebody is playing zone doesn't mean you have to shoot the ball from the outside. I talked to them about getting the ball inside to Tyler and Deon and those guys did a nice job when they got the ball. Were not going to just stand out there and shoot the ball because somebody plays a zone."



Everyone wants to know about The Dunk ...

"I know there was a steal, think it may have been Ty -- it was one of our guards -- and I just got the ball and saw the lane, didn't see the other guy coming and just targeted the goal and did a regular dunk. [laughs]"

A "regular" dunk?

"No, that's one of my better dunks - that's probably my best dunk since I've been here."

How about your own play and your team's play and what you did better than you did against Davidson?

"We executed the ball better. Davidson, we looked back at the tape and were disappointed in some things, and I think tonight we did some better things, but we're still working to improve. ... I think we trapped more in this game and that was one of our keys to this game."



On the success in the full and half-court traps:
"It's something that's very encouraging for this team. Hopefully we'll keep it up and continue to build on that."

On how he likes the increased defensive pressure:
"That's the way that we've always loved to play. We like that up-tempo game, so we like to get out in the passing lanes and trap so that we can get turnovers, get steals and get off the races. It's something that's exciting for us – it's a lot more fun to play that way and it just feeds into how we want to play."


What did you all learn the other night [against Davidson] and how did you improve tonight?

"I'm just glad we [played] them earlier in the season as our first game than better. ... We just had way too many mistakes in that game so we took a step forward tonight. ... We learned that we need to get a lot better. That was the big picture -- we've got a long journey ahead of us and a lot more steps forward we need to take as a team."

This wasn't as tough an opponent, but did you notice the team taking a step forward tonight?

"I think it's hard to really see it because of the talent of Davidson [as compared to Iona]. But on the defensive end we were moving and trapping."

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