UNC-ODU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

LAS VEGAS – North Carolina beat Old Dominion, 99-82, Friday night at the Orleans Arena. Listen and read postgame quotes from Roy Williams, Bobby Frasor, Tyler Hansbrough and Ty Lawson ...



Opening Remarks:
"Looking at the stat sheet – just look at their side of it first and try to figure out how we won the game. They shot 55 percent, outrebounded us 30-24, but offensively we were pretty good, shooting 71 percent. Ty Lawson pushing the tempo of the game I think was extremely important for us. I think Tyler giving us a threat inside was important to us. We kept talking about trying to guard better and play better defense, but we never really did get it established defensively, so we just have to congratulate Old Dominion for doing a nice job of making shots and beating us to death on the backboards.

"The first half they had 11 offensive rebounds and we had 10 offensive rebounds total. In the second half, they only got four offensive rebounds to our six, so we did a little bit better job. We're not going to have a lot of offensive rebounds shooting 71 percent – we understand that – but they shouldn't have 11 offensive rebounds in the first half."

On Old Dominion's guards:
"I think their guards are quick, there's no question about that, but what they were able to do is penetrate and get some inside shots. [Brandon] Johnson was able to hit four or five from the eight-to-10 foot range in the first half. We did better job stopping his penetration, but we also got lucky, because he got into foul trouble.

"But we were not able to keep him out of the lane. They would penetrate the line and then pitch it out and somebody would make a three… in the second half from the three-point line they were –for-12, so they made shots. And the bad thing is that they were open shots. If somebody makes shots over your hands, you feel a lot better than you do if they make open shots."

"I think it will be an up-tempo game. They're really a good basketball team. They pass the heck out of it, the shooters shoot it and they usually make it, so I hope it's going to be a great game. Again, I'm not going to try to lay coachspeak on you, but if we guard the way we did tonight, they may shoot 90 percent against us."



On shutting down Brandon Johnson when he took that defensive assignment:
"He's a big-time player. He came out really hot and hit a couple of threes in transition and had a couple of nice dribble drives there, but they just wanted a taller guy on him to see if that would bother him. He got an offensive rebound on me one time, but for the most part, I think I did an alright job."

"They're a veteran team, Coach [Williams] told us. They're going to play together. They move the ball well [and] set good screens so we've got to take it up to a whole other level to win tomorrow."



On playing against a 7-foot-3 center:
"It's difficult, especially with the length. It definitely plays a role in your mind before the game, but I think you can't change your game just because of some guy's height. You have to keep playing your same game."

On how the team is doing against zone defenses:
"I think we're improving. A lot of guys on our team hit some big shots from outside – Wayne and everybody, they really got into a comfort zone and I think that really helped us."



On Brandon Johnson:
"He was hot. He knocked down like every shot – I think he went 7-for-7 in the beginning or something like that, something crazy. But yes, he's a good player and he's got nice control."

Did his play make you want to respond:
"Yes – go right back at him. Those are the things I look forward to. People are coming at me, so I've got to go right back at them."

On pushing the tempo:
"[The game] was playing to their tempo, to slow it down, so Coach [Williams] talked about pushing the ball a little bit more. And so the big man was running down the court – he's kind of slow – so I went behind him and when he tried to turn his head, I took the ball up."

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