Williams Takes in UNC

When Melvin Williams verbally committed to North Carolina roughly a month ago, the 6-foot, 205-pound defensive back had yet to visit Chapel Hill outside of attending a basketball game. His official visit over the weekend changed that.

"I got to notice how close the coaches are," Williams said. "The coaches were wonderful. The coaches are top notch. The relationship with the coaches is the one thing that shocked me. The relationship with the coaches and the players, that's a big plus.

"I was also impressed by the community support of North Carolina. One thing was that the fans and the community know that North Carolina is coming up – it's not like the old North Carolina, it's the new North Carolina."

It's safe to say that Williams is happy with his decision to pledge to UNC over scholarship offers from Clemson, Ole Miss and Arkansas.

"My commitment is really, really strong now," Williams said. "I'm there January. I'm in North Carolina in January… I chose North Carolina for a reason, and it made it stronger this weekend. It just felt like right when I got there it was on."

During Williams' stay, Chuck Pagano, UNC's defensive coordinator, briefed him on UNC's defensive philosophies. However, it remains to be seen what position in the secondary Williams will assume upon his arrival.

"He touched me up on the secondary, not just the positions – as a corner or safety," Williams said. "Some of [the coaches] mentioned corner, some of them mentioned safety. I really don't know, yet."

Williams, who played safety for Coffeyville (Kan.) Community College the past two seasons, is focused on arriving in January and working hard wherever he is positioned.

"The expectations this spring is to come in and work hard," Williams said. "That's all they're looking for [is for me] to come in and work hard, because everything else will come to me.

"They told me they're looking for leadership; they're looking for a big play type player… They just want me to come in with leadership in the secondary and come in as an older, experienced guy that has been playing in college already."

Williams, who arrived on campus Friday afternoon, was hosted by Greg Little, but spent a great deal of time with many other players including Kevin Bryant.

The key to Williams' trip was getting him accustomed to Chapel Hill, especially the campus.

"It was pretty much an eating fest for me," Williams said. "They took me to a lot of restaurants that I liked. Some good restaurants that when I get there I'm going to go to again.

"The biggest thing was they showed me around the campus – the facilities, the academic building. The campus, all of it is beautiful. You go on the internet and look at the pictures [of the campus] and you're like ‘Wow.' And then when you get there it's twice better."

Much of Williams' stay revolved around Saturday's rivalry game with Duke.

"I saw a lot of potential in the players [during the game]," Williams said. "I thought ‘That team doesn't look young at all.' All of them, I felt like, were playing like juniors and seniors."

Sam Pittman, who is handling Williams' recruitment for UNC, will have an in-home visit with Williams' parents this week.

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