Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On Ty Lawson's ankle injury:
"Ty did not practice today. [He] got treatment last night, got treatment this morning. It's nothing but a sprain, but we won't really know until we practice tomorrow. We're hopeful that we'll be able to get him on the court tomorrow, but we won't know anything until he starts running up and down the court. I do know this for sure, he won't be 100 percent, so we'll have to make a decision whether to play him or not."

Why Tyler Hansbrough appears to work harder than his teammates:
"Well, two things – Tyler does play at a different level than other people. Michael Jordan played at a different level than other people. That's not necessarily an indictment of those other people – Michael was able to do things that others couldn't do, and Tyler's motor is always 100 percent. I don't think that I see Tyler diving on the floor when Bobby Frasor is sitting there watching.

"I don't see Tyler diving on the floor when Marcus Ginyard is standing there watching, and yet I do see that happen with some of the other kids whose makeup is not like that yet and they themselves will get better. Tyler's leading by example, and we'll get those guys going a little bit more… I don't think I've really gotten after anybody for lack of hustle all year except on one occasion, and that was in the Old Dominion game. Alex Stepheson and Tywon Lawson didn't run back, so I just took them out."

On how he determines who starts between Stepheson and Deon Thompson:
"Basically from what they do in practice. Sometimes guys aren't real practice players and you're going to have to look at what they're accomplishing in the game as well. It's very close – that's the reason we're playing both of them quite a bit. Deon is better offensively, Alex is better defensively, but Deon's defense is closer to being where we want it to be than Alex's offense is, and yet we're going to have times where we play both of them. We played both of them a great deal in Las Vegas.

"Neither one of them could handle the big kid from BYU very much, so we made the decision that Tyler moves his feet so much better than both of those, so he was going to play the four man, but we knew he was going to shoot from the three-point line, and he ended up shooting 16 threes against us. But we're not going to allow other people to just dictate that we have to go small, because we think that having Alex and Deon in the game [is important], but it is very, very close."

If he is satisfied with the way his team is playing:
"It's a long season. It's a marathon, and you've got to play every single game and the two games that we played in Vegas were against very good teams. BYU has the potential to be a top-25 team. They've been picked to win their league – they're a very good basketball team. Now the other teams, I don't know that I would say that we played to their level.

"We won by 40 or 45 or 50 or something like that, and at Davidson, the first game of the year, we were so fired up that it was a little bit more of a nerve situation than it was there, but have I been satisfied with the way my team has played? No. Am I worried about the team and the way the team is playing? The answer to that is no as well. It is a long season and you can't play every game perfectly. The other team has a right to do some things well. I'm not concerned about it at this time."

On Bobby Frasor:
"I just talked with the coaching staff this afternoon, and I think Bobby Frasor is far, far superior defensively right now than he has ever been. He is such an asset to us defensively that you don't worry about that part of it."

On the matchups against Ohio State:
"I have no idea. I'm going to go home tonight, I've got two tapes in my briefcase and I'll start watching them right now. Steve Robinson has Ohio State – he's already watched three of their games. We'll give the team matchups tomorrow. I know Kosta [Koufos] is another tough matchup because he's a 7-foot guy. I told Thad [Matta] last year that I thought he had the best freshman center in Greg Oden, and I think he's got the best freshman center in the country this year in Kosta."

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