Tuesday PC Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's Tuesday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams and Bobby Frasor, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels begin preparations for Wednesday's ACC/Big Ten showdown with Ohio State.

Roy Williams


On Ty Lawson's sprained right ankle:
"We talked yesterday and I told him that I would hope that he'd be able to do some things today, and if he did some things today, then I could see him playing in the game tomorrow night. But I won't know anything until after practice today. Well really, we won't know anything until after he practices and we see how he handles it with what little work we are going to let him do today… "I'd say he's 50-50, but I really don't know. I know if we'd have played a game yesterday, he wouldn't have played."

On how the team changes without Lawson:
"The team definitely changes when the personnel changes. Ty gives you such a threat with his ability to push the ball and get it to the rim and finish plays at a much faster pace than Bobby and [Quentin Thomas]. Bobby is just sensational defensively and shoots the ball from the outside. Q's really good in the open court, but not at the same pace as Ty. It definitely changes our team, but I liked our toughness in the BYU game.

"Losing somebody during the course of the game, particularly really early, is by far the most difficult thing to handle. If you lose someone two or three days before, then you've got some time to fire everybody up and get everybody pulled together and try to make up for it… But when you lose them two minutes into a game, it's hard to change and it's hard to direct some emotions and get kids mentally more involved than they have in the past. So I was really pleased with how Bobby and Q came in and did a nice job for us and how the team responded."

On what has made the ACC/Big Ten Challenge successful:
"The television coverage. And they do a great job marketing it – it's been a week about the ACC/Big Ten Challenge… This is the granddaddy of the challenges and I think that it's the standard. You have to sit back and think a little bit, ‘Okay, now who is so-and-so matched up with?' whereas the ACC/Big Ten [Challenge] catches everybody's eye. It's two great leagues – great leagues where kids like to come and play in those games."

On Smith Center upgrades:
"Things that I would like to do with the Smith Center can't be done. I'd like to take about 5,000 seats out and make it where people outside are begging, borrowing and stealing to even try to get in the place. But when I say that, everybody in the business office starts shuddering immediately and their heart rate goes up immensely because they see 5,000 season tickets and money in the bank go running out the window.

"I don't have any major items that we're talking about right now. I think that we just have to continue understanding that the Smith Center when it was built was the Taj Mahal. But about 50 schools have built their Taj Mahals since this place was built, and if we just sit back and say, ‘Well, we've got the best,' then we're not being very wise… I think we've upgraded a great deal and the things that we do need to do, we'll continue working on because this is still a pretty significant cash cow part of the athletic program."

Bobby Frasor


On having to fill in for Lawson on Saturday night:
"Once I saw Ty get hurt, I knew it was pretty serious because he didn't look good. I was expecting him to play more than two minutes like he had been. I saw Ty go down and Coach told me to go in at the one, and I got my mind set that, ‘Hey, I've got to be ready to control the game, set the tempo, push the ball and I thought I did a fairly decent job. Offensively, I had some turnovers that I didn't want to, but I felt I played great on defense and it was a really well run game."

On which conference is better – the ACC or the Big Ten?
"I think the ACC is definitely the best conference in basketball. The Big Ten is stereotyped, but it's almost true that it's slow, beat the [heck] out of you, just things like that. The ACC is fast-paced, up and down, but at the same time, you can grind it out too. I just think the ACC is the best conference in college basketball."

On if the players pull for the conference or for certain teams in this Challenge: "We want the ACC to win even though some of those schools we might be rivals with are going to get a win. But if it's good for the conference, we'll take it."

On gambling in Las Vegas since he is now 21-years-old:
"I did. And I walked out of Vegas with my pockets hanging out of my pants."

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