UNC-OSU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

COLUMBUS, Ohio – North Carolina beat Ohio State, 66-55, Wednesday night at the Value City Arena. Listen and read postgame quotes from Roy Williams, Bobby Frasor, Deon Thompson and Wayne Ellington ...



Opening Remarks:
"We feel very fortunate. Our kids feel good in that locker room and I [think] they should feel that way. Ohio State had won 27 in a row in this building and the crowd was really good for them. At the same time, we understand that Thad [Matta's] got a young team. To lose as much as he did from last year, it's hard to maintain that same level, but I have tremendous respect for his coaching staff and for him and his players.

"They're still going to have a big time year, but it was a game where neither one of us there for a while felt like we were making any shots. It lasted longer for them than it did for us... We got better shots in the second half than we did in the first half. I think a lot of it too was that you get that nervous energy and sometimes it drains you in the game and I think it drained both teams. We had a few more players to put in there and more experienced players."

On Wayne Ellington:
Wayne Ellington made a big three – everybody made so much of him missing the shot against Georgetown last year and he's got to live with that, but he made a bunch of shots to get us to Georgetown last year, too. He made a big one for us the other night against BYU. And [OSU] cut it to six and the shot clock was winding down and he makes a big three for us again."

On if Ty Lawson will play on Saturday:
"I have no idea about Saturday and really don't give a darn. I'm going to enjoy the crap out of this one until at least about midnight. I told him if he's not going to play, then we'll leave his butt home to go to class, so that's a pretty good deal. Maybe that will be incentive to get his ankle feeling better. We did wait until warm-ups – that's when we decided. So I think he's close, but he's just not ready because he can't push off the foot in a defensive stance."

On the team's defensive effort:
"I thought we were better defensively in the BYU game than we had been anytime previous, and I think we better defensively tonight. But let's be honest too – Ohio State missed some shots that they would normally make."

On Ohio State:
"Jamar [Butler] is their only guard with experience and we wanted to wear him down. He is a great player. I have the utmost respect for the coaching staff and their young players. They have a lot of potential and they'll be good for a long time."



On playing without Lawson:
"There were some times on fast breaks where Ty could have blown by guys and gotten easy points. [Quentin Thomas] and I tried to push the ball up the floor and get the ball inside to Tyler [Hansbrough]. I think we did an alright job. Scoring wasn't that high because their zone slowed us down a little bit, but for the most part, we did a good job pushing the ball."

On if UNC's experience helped in this hostile setting:
"Yes. We started out a little slow, but then we had a lead there. Marcus was talking, I was talking. A lot of guys were trying to pump everybody else up. We weren't looking for one guy to pick us all up because we knew that this was a big time game. Let's gut it out, let's tough it out and get out of here with a win."



If he's starting to feel more comfortable in his role:
"I feel comfortable. I'm just frustrated that I can't hit shots right now. I just can't get down on myself and [need to] just keep playing with it."

On playing better in the second half:
"A lot better than the first half. The ball just started going in. I was still taking shots. I didn't want to be gun shy after going 2-of-6 [in the first half], so I just wanted to stick with it and they started going in."

On executing against a zone defense:
I actually like because it opens up the middle. It was so open in that first half, but the ball just wasn't going in. But when we've got a lot of shooters like Wayne, I don't think teams will be able to sit in that zone for the whole game."



On winning without Lawson:
"It shows how deep we are and how experienced we are. The guys that came off the bench really stepped up."

On playing six straight road games:
"I think it will help us in March both physically and mentally. I don't really think it's that big of a deal. We have really bonded as a team because we're always together at the arena or the hotel."

How his game has improved since last season:
"Last year I was more of a catch and shoot type of guy on the perimeter. This year, I'm taking mid-range shots and also trying to get to the basket, which also opens up my three-point game."

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