UNC-UK: Postgame Quotes + Audio

LEXINGTON, Ky. – North Carolina beat Kentucky, 86-77, Saturday afternoon at Rupp Arena. Listen and read postgame quotes from Roy Williams, Bobby Frasor, Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Green ...



On the UNC-UK rivalry:
"I think it's great for college basketball… We do want to play Kentucky [and] teams like Kentucky. Our league is so difficult that you can't play teams like Kentucky every day. You've got play some other teams as well, just like Kentucky's league…When you're playing in the SEC and ACC, you're going to have 16-18 games where it is difficult. I have a great appreciation for the tradition of college basketball, and again, I've been to two wonderful places, and this is another wonderful place – Kansas, North Carolina and Kentucky. It's hard to match that for history over a long period of time."

On Danny Green's emergence:
"I think he worked very, very hard in the offseason. I told him he was going to be extremely important to us, and to act like it. And when he practices, to act like he's going to be important. And looking at this team, particularly after we lost Brandan [Wright], we knew that Alex and Deon were going to be in there in big moments, and neither one of them are great free throw shooters, for example, and last year Reyshawn Terry was another big guy and this year it was going to be Danny. So he's going to play some at the four and some at the three… He does give us some flexibility [and] he does us an ability to stretch the defense."

On Ty Lawson:
"It was good getting Ty Lawson back out there. Needless to say, he was not 100 percent today and almost didn't play, but he would have aggravated the dickens out of me if I hadn't, so I went ahead and put him in. He's got to get that ankle stronger, and we don't have much time because we turn around and play on Tuesday. But then with exams coming up, we'll give the guys about four days off for exams, so hopefully he'll be able to do it then."

On Kentucky trying to out-physical Tyler Hansbrough:
"He's a big, strong kid, and he hits people without even knowing he hits them. But I've never coached a player that takes as much physical abuse as he does. And that's not an indictment on the referees or the coaches, but it's just that he's a bull in a china shop, and all of those pieces of china like to hit him back… I've said this before, but Tyler Hansbrough decides that he's had enough, I'm going to feel a great loss, because I've been one of the luckiest people in the world to coach him."



On the difference in his shooting versus Kentucky and then versus Ohio State:
"You've just got to be ready to shoot the ball. I think my shots last game were as good as the ones today, they just felt good and went in today."

On what halftime adjustments were made:
"Nothing really. I think those first 10-12 minutes of the second half, we played up to our potential – played the way we should always play. We didn't finish it the way we wanted to, and kind of lost the lead. We should have won by more, but we really didn't change anything. We just did the things that Coach has been telling us and it works."



On the physical play:
"Sometimes it seemed like there may have been some overaggressive stuff, but I expect that in the way that teams come at me, so I need to prepare for it."

On how he felt he played after not having success in the last two meetings with Kentucky:
"To be honest with you, I think we played well. I could care less about how I played, but I think I played decent. I don't think I played bad, I don't think I played great, but I guess you can say I played good enough to come in here and get a win."

On if he's ever had an opponent foul out guarding him in only eight minutes:
"I don't think I've ever had that. It seems like that could have been there game plan, to come and just have one guy be real physical and then just switch off on me."



On if he felt that he needed to provide a spark to the team in the first half:
"I guess you could say that. I just felt like the team needed some energy. I come off the bench and my job is to bring energy, to pick up the team's energy when I get in the game… I got into a rhythm, and once I got into that rhythm, things started going good for us and it put a little pressure on the other team."

On being told to sit down during his pregame dance:
"The refs told me to sit down. Usually in our gym, they let us stand up, but Coach Williams said something to him. I don't know if he liked it or not, but he didn't want us jumping around or dancing or anything like that. It's understandable – it's their gym, so I'll do a little dancing and then sit down."

So you got your revenge there, I guess?
"I guess you could say so."

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