UNC-UP: Postgame Quotes + Audio

PHILADELPHIA – North Carolina beat Penn, 106-71, Tuesday night at The Palestra. Listen and read postgame quotes from Roy Williams, Tyler Hansbrough and Wayne Ellington ...



Opening Remarks:
"We feel very good about the win. It's a wonderful atmosphere. [Assistant coach] Joe [Holladay] said to me with less than a minute to go, he said ‘Look, everybody's still here because they have an appreciation for college basketball.' And I love that part of it. I thought early in the second half we were really good. Offensively, we were effective. We were making shots, we were getting some steals and going down on the break. They missed a couple – when it's a 13-point game, if we don't do that and they make a couple, then all of sudden it's in single digits…

"Basically we have more guys. [Penn coach] Glen [Miller] has such a young team that it's extremely difficult for them. We came in and we've got an experienced team of sophomores and juniors – in the old days we used to talk about experienced teams of juniors and seniors, but you don't have those guys hanging around anymore… Tyler was awfully effective inside [and[ Danny gave us a great lift coming off the bench again, and again in the second half, we were awfully efficient on the offensive end."

On playing road games like this:
"This is my 20th year as a head coach, and I would bet that 15 at least of those 20 years, our schedule has been ranked in the top-20… And I think that helps gets you prepared for conference play. I love going on the road – I think it's important for the kids to learn that you've got to maintain your poise when everybody's not cheering for you. And I think you get a much better read of your team by putting it in a different situation. And the other part is that I love coming to places like this."

On there being so many Tar Heels fans in the stands:
"Well, there was more of that other color, but I did notice sitting on the bench – I said, 'There's a pocket, there's a pocket and then there's Carolina blue mix in all throughout the crowd.' We've had a tremendous following throughout our alumni regardless of where we go. Throughout my career, people have come out and try to get tickets. The families of the players, they're always right behind the bench, but I think it is fun to go into someone else's living room and play very, very well."

On what he's learned about this team on this road trip:
"That we can have some spurts offensively and that we need to do a heck of a lot of work defensively. I jokingly told them when I went in the locker room, but they don't know that it was jokingly, that at one time I was considering 12 straight days of two-a-days if they didn't start playing defense better, but they're not sure I was joking. I like that little bit of doubt, but we've got to defend better and hold people down. We're going to give some baskets again, because we gamble, but we don't like people shooting [57 percent] or whatever they shot in the first half."




On playing at Palestra:
"I thought it was great. I've always liked playing in little gyms like this – kind of reminds me of high school. But I love it, and I think I feed off the energy and it makes me play better."

On playing so many road games:
"I think it's really good for us, to come into an atmosphere like this. We've definitely played in a lot of away games and it's prepared us for when we start of the ACC."

On the difficulty of playing in front of your home crowd:
"I remember when we went to St. Louis and everybody from my hometown was there and I was like, ‘Man, what if I mess up.' It puts a lot of pressure on you. When I went home, I know I just wanted to play the best that I know to play. It kind of lingers on you the whole week, but it is tough."


On his return to Philadelphia:
"I kind of had a rough time in the first half… but I think I had a better second half. But most importantly, we played well and got the win."

On talking to his teammates about what to expect at the Palestra:
"We talked a little bit about it at shoot around. Coach emphasized how unique the building is and how loud it gets and how the fans are going to be cheering and that it would be loud and that the fans would be right on top of us, but we're used to it."

On controlling the tempo:
"We just wanted to play our style of basketball and get out into the passing lanes. We knew they were going to go backdoor on us because we played them last year, so we knew they were going to do that."

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