UNC-UVa: Locker Room Report

CHARLOTTESVILLE - The North Carolina Tar Heels blew a 21-0 halftime lead and fell once again at Scott Stadium to Virginia, 37-27, before a crowd of 55,648 jubilant fans. Here is what some of UNC's players had to say after their fifth loss in seven games, and third in as many Atlantic Coast Conference games.

Will Chapman

On how they lost

"It's frustrating to have such a good first half and play like a good defense, and they get the kickoff return right off the bat. We wanted to come out and play good defense, but we really struggled."

On the second half struggles

"They were just able to do whatever they wanted. They threw a little bit of new stuff at us but most of it was the same. We just had a hard time stopping it."

On the unit's morale when UVA started scoring

"We knew they had to score four touchdowns in the second half to beat us. We had stopped them from scoring at all in the first half. It wasn't heads down like 'here we go again.' It was more like "what's going on, lets stop them.'"

On what was mentioned at halftime about last week (second half collapse against N.C. State)

"Oh definitely. Everything we said we weren't gonna do we did. Missed assignments. Letting them drive the ball down on us. That was all screamed and yelled at halftime. Some things happened. We're a fragile defense. When things start going bad we need to mature and step up"

C.J. Stephens

On being rusty having not played in a month

"I think collectively we were having some problems offensively. There was a big momentum swing and we were trying to recover, and I've been in a few games since I've been in so definitely it takes you a minute or two to get your feet wet. But, I think offensively we were just a little bit off, and that can happen in that type of situation. I am glad we got it together (and scored) and wish that we could have done just a little bit more."

Mahlon Carey (first game of his career)

On if the kickoff didn't happen would UNC have pulled away

"You here a lot of times what ifs and I don't really listen to that. What if we stopped them or what if we didn't fumble. We just have to be able to overcome those things and look forward. And now we just have to go back to work and work towards our next game."

On was there ever a point of 'here we go again'

"Nah, I don't think so. We just need to realize that we have to keep working hard. Now we have to go back, watch film, and get ready for the next game."

On his first career game (15 carries, 67 yards, 4.5 average per carry)

"My first collegiate game, I thought I did a decent job, but maybe not enough. I just have to take advantage of the opportunities when they come and go from there."

Bobby Blizzard

On the fake field goal

"We've been waiting for a while to run that on somebody. And the type of field goal defense they were running gave us a good opportunity to run something like that. We got them and it was a big play for our offense."

Darian Durant

On when he injured his thumb

"I think it happened on the play that Sam fumbled."

On going back in

"I went back in. And when I passed to Blizzard, I knew that I couldn't do anything else with it. I could have easily stayed in the game but I didn't want to hurt my team."

On how well he played before the injury

"I felt like I was playing pretty well. Everybody was getting open. I was making good decisions with the ball. I don't think that I was trying to force anything. I thought I played pretty well."

On the long TD to Aiken (on a slant)

"All week during practice coach Tranquill was getting on us because we had been throwing the ball behind the receiver in one-on-one coverage. I saw that it was one-on-one, and I didn't want to throw behind him because I knew if he could catch it he could make a big play."

DeFonte Coleman

On the TD that put UVa up for the first time.

"I was holding onto his jersey and he just slipped off from me. His jersey was wet and my gloves were wet and he just slipped off from me."

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