Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On the backup point guard play:
"Our backup point guard play has really been very good. Bobby Frasor has had a great year defensively. You look at his shooting percentage, [and] he hasn't shot the ball as well as we'd like, yet he made some huge baskets for us at Kentucky that really gave us a lead that they couldn't catch up to us in the second half. But he's been sensational defensively. His assist-error ratio has been good. Quentin Thomas has also played in the back point guard spot. Quentin's assist-error ratio is pretty doggone good as well. For us, Ty [Lawson] is such a part of us defensively, but even more so on the offensive end, because he enables us to get some easy baskets, but Bobby and Quentin have really done a good job. I've been pleased with that."

On keeping the team fresh after a weeklong layoff:
"Trying to keep them fresh is really not a problem right now because we want them to be focused on final exams. We're doing basketball yesterday afternoon and this afternoon just to break up their day. We're trying to give them a few new things, but we'll really get focused again on trying to get ready to play Rutgers and trying to improve our team on Thursday. But right now, if you're at the University of North Carolina [with] exams, you've got to do some work. And so what we do right now is just try to give them as much time as we possibly can, so that they can be the best student that they can be."

Story on watching a high school game in Asheville, N.C.:
"Guys were warming up, and I like to watch them warm up. When I go in, I don't want to talk to anybody, I don't want to see Aunt Mary's sister June or anything like that. I'm there to work. So I'm watching the practice, and I'm sitting right there on the end of the court – they've got a table set up for me and the kids are warming up that I'm wanting to watch. And I see this old guy coming over and I say, ‘He's going to come and ask me some dumb questions and he's going to stand right in front of me [and] he's going to stop me from watching the kids warm up.'

"When the guy got over there, sure enough, he stopped right in front of me and he said something about music and basketball and all of a sudden, I realized that this old guy was a former high school teammate of mine. And I told him, ‘Will you get your butt back over here and stand behind me and I'll talk to you.' I said, ‘Son, you look old.' But it was the funniest thing, because I said this old man is going to get in my way and ask me some questions that I don't care anything about and it was a basketball teammate and classmate, so we had some fun with that part of it."

On last week's recruiting trip:
"It went very well. I saw seven different kids and they were guys that I wanted to see and I thought they played well, so it was a good trip for us."

On football player Greg Little walking onto the basketball team:
"We had a youngster that came by today that's going to start practicing with us on Thursday and he's going to try it a while and see how it looks. And if it looks like it will be good for him and not hurt anything on the football field, he'll be playing with us this year and that's Greg Little. John Bunting, when he started recruiting Greg, Greg had asked him about it and John talked to me and I said fine. So Greg and I met this morning and he came and watched practice today and he's going to start practicing with us on Thursday. Like I said, we'll go three or four weeks and see how it looks and see if it's good for him to continue or not.

"Coach [Butch] Davis came by last week and visited with me because there's a high school player in the state that we are recruiting and he wanted to see about the youngster having the option of playing basketball, so I'm going to go by or have somebody from my staff go by and see the youngster. We're going to do anything we can to make it easier for our football team to be successful...

"I've gotten to know Greg quite a bit. Again, when Coach Bunting was recruiting him, he brought him by the office and we visited a little bit. I saw him on the road three or four times when I was out recruiting. I told him one night, I said, ‘Greg, you have got to leave. I can't sit here and talk to you. This is a violation kind of thing.' And he came to several games. I saw him at a girl's game one night and he came over and sat down and visited with me. I was really convinced that when Coach Davis and his staff came in, [that] if they really wanted Greg and showed him that, I really felt like Greg would come to the University of North Carolina because I thought this is where he wanted to be."

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