Shrine Bowl: UNC Recruit Evaluations

ROEBUCK, S.C. --- After a week on the practice fields, North Carolina's Shrine Bowl coach, Sam Story, talks with about the five Tar Heel recruits on his team ...

Thoughts on Dwayne Allen

"I think he's a great talent, a great player. You'll probably see him playing on Sundays someday – he's got that kind of potential. I've been really impressed with his blocking. I know he has skills as a pass receiver. I think he has a great future ahead of him."

How often will Allen be thrown to?

"You've got to wait and see how the game progresses [and] what you're given. It's something that you have your tight end routes in. You just have to get a flow of the game a little bit. But, we have two excellent tight ends."

Thoughts on R.J. Mattes

"I think he's a real good player, too. [He's] very mobile. The sky is the limit for him. He's got great size and I think once he gets in college and adds weight, he's going to be awesome."

How do you plan to take advantage of Mattes' mobility?

"We got some different plays [where] we pull people. He has the athletic ability to do that."

Thoughts on Jonathan Cooper

"He has a great combination of strength and speed and size. We'll use that one both sides of the ball."

What side of the ball will Cooper play?

"We brought him in as an offensive lineman. We lost some defensive linemen from [Charlotte (N.C.)] Independence. But we feel like we worked some situations out with rush ends and five [techniques], so we were able to bring him back to offense.

"He'll probably just play offense, but he's available to play defense if we need him."

Thoughts on E.J. Abrams-Ward

"He's a great athlete, too. He's got that height, and range, and athletic ability. He's very special. I think all of our team is very special. We were very pleased with the young men that we've selected."

How much of an impact can Abrams-Ward make at a position that he just started to play this week?

"I certainly think he could have a big game. He has that athletic ability to move to a different position, but still have a major impact."

Thoughts on Kevin Reddick

"He's probably one of the best linebackers that I've ever seen. He's got size, strength, speed – everything. He's got an intensity."

You appear to have a very talented group of linebackers.

"I think our linebacking core all the way through is a real strength. It's one of our stronger points of our team."

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