UNC-RU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – North Carolina beat Rutgers, 93-71, Sunday night at the RAC. Listen and read postgame quotes from Roy Williams, Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson and Danny Green ...


Opening Remarks:
There were parts in the game, particularly in the first half, where we were really good defensively. We got them to turn it over and turned it into points for us on the other end. In the second half, it got sort of ragged, particularly on our end. I love [Rutgers head coach] Fred [Hill's] kids – they never stopped trying to play. They competed the whole time. I didn't think we played nearly as intelligently in the second half as we did in the first half. But, still, to get one on the road like that – sixth game on the road in a row. By the time we play next Wednesday, it will be 30 days. That's a pretty good stretch for college basketball."

On Ty Lawson:
"He was sensational in the first half. In the second half, he was not very good. The first half, he was aggressive, doing a great job defensively [and] attacking the basket. In the second half, except for the one lay-up at the end, he all of a sudden decided to shoot jump shots at that point. He is having a heck of a year for us. When he attacks the basket, he helps us get some easy baskets. Also, he has the ability defensively to really bother the other team to guard and stop the dribble penetration. He is really having a good year for us."

Is Lawson is the fastest player you have ever coached?:
"I don't know if I would say that. Raymond Felton and Jacque Vaughn – I have really coached some guys who could really push the ball, but no one has pushed it faster. I will tell you that."

On Hansbrough's injury:
He has a concussion. For the first time in the history of college basketball, a guy got a concussion with no foul called. That better be all I say… His head hit on the photographer's knee, the photographer under the basket."

On returning home after this six-game road trip:
"It feels good. I enjoy sleeping in my own bed. Now, I might be able to convince my wife to cook supper for once. I enjoy that part of it. It has been a challenge for our team, six straight games away from our building – the travel, going through the exam period, playing in some tough places. We played in front of 19,000 at Ohio State, 23,000 at Kentucky and a sold-out crowd here tonight. It's been a difficult stretch for our guys and I feel really good about the record and what we accomplished. I think – hopefully – we have gotten a lot better and we will show it down the line."



On if he got knocked out with his late fall to the ground:
"I can't really remember. I don't really know how to evaluate that."

On how he felt after the fall:
"I was pretty dizzy… I'm still a little dizzy."

Any problems playing next game?
"No, I think I'll be fine."

On Lawson dominating the first half:
"You see how fast Ty is. It's hard to guard him. He was shooting the ball well tonight and he got a lot of penetration and did a lot of good things."



On his ankle:
"Yes, it's about 100 percent. Probably, maybe 95 percent. It still hurts a little bit from time to time."

On the offense:
"It's clicking, but we've just got to adjust to Tyler getting doubled so much."



On his cut above his right eye:
"I got elbowed by I think J.R. Inman on the baseline and it just split open a little bit. I got a couple of stitches – five – and just got stitched up and came back out and Coach [Williams] put me back in."

On playing in front of family and friends:
"I felt comfortable. [I was] just upset that as soon as I got into the game I had to come back out and get stitched up. When I got hit and I was bleeding, I was like, ‘Man, I'm not going to be able to come back and play anymore. My family came up here for no reason.'"

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