UNC-UCSB: Postgame Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina beat UC Santa Barbara, 105-70, Saturday afternoon at the Smith Center. Listen and read postgame quotes from Roy Williams, Marcus Ginyard, Wayne Ellington and Ty Lawson ...

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Opening Remarks:
Defensively, I thought Marcus was sensational and a very good player. I think [UCSB guard] Alex [Harris] still had 17, but he's averaging 24 a game on 13 shots. Today he got 17 on 18 shots plus two free throws. I thought Marcus was sensational with his defensive play and also just being Marcus. I told him during one timeout that he doesn't have to be anybody but Marcus. You don't have to shoot three-point shots, you don't have to go out and create plays – just be the player that you are and you'll be really good for us.

"I thought Ty Lawson was sensational. You look down and he has six assists, and I felt like he had 12 or 14. So many times he'd make a pass and guys would end up getting fouled and he was part of it, which I think should still be an assist, but I don't write the rules.

"I think for us it was a good day. To hold a shooting team that shoots as well as they do to 36 percent is something that w talk about all of the time. For us to get 57 rebounds and out-rebound them 57 to 30, I think that shows that it was a very, very good basketball game for us. We didn't shoot the ball exceptionally well to say the very least from the three-point line. Everybody a couple of months ago talked about how bad we shot it, and we went on a stretch where we shot it very well for three or four games. Now we've shot it poorly two games in a row. Hopefully, we'll get it going again where we shoot it well.

"Again, we are very, very pleased with what we did. I think [it's good] for everybody to go home and feel good about their season so far. I did think that we were more attentive on the defensive end. We did a much better job of stopping the dribble penetration. It was a good day for the Tar Heels."

On times when Marcus is not being Marcus:
"We don't need certain players to score. Players who are scorers need to score. Players who are not scorers don't need to try to be what they're not. I'm not Tiger Woods, and I don't try to be. Well, I probably try to be. There are certain things you have to understand are your limitations… I think everybody's got their strengths and everybody's got their weaknesses. I think one of my deals as a coach all of the time is to try and play to their strengths and stay away from their weaknesses and continue to work on them so they don't stay weaknesses."



On Williams talking about Marcus playing his own game:
"Coach [Williams] talked to me today actually on the bench. He said that's the Marcus that we need for this team. You don't need to be doing anything else – just be you. And being me is getting to the offensive boards, getting out on the break, playing great defense and just getting the game going."

Have you been approaching the game differently?
"I just think that I wasn't looking at it the right way – just putting a little extra pressure on myself that was unnecessary. So tonight, I just came out and was relaxed and just let the game happen and just try to do the things I normally do."



On the team's defensive effort:
"We knew they had some guys that could really score the basketball and if we could an end to them we'd be in great shape. We wanted to get out into the passing lanes and play our principles to a ‘T'. I think we did a pretty good job of that today."

On watching Tyler Hansbrough dive for loose balls late in blowout games:
"That just encourages everybody to do it. A guy like that – a high-caliber player – goes out there and does stuff like that, putting his body out there for the sake of the team, it just shows how much of a team player he is and how selfless he is."



On the strong team performance:
"We were just running. Everybody was scoring and getting touches. And we were winning – we were up 30 and that made Coach [Williams] happy, so that made it that much better."

On if the players wanted to make a point this game:
"I think so. Nobody wanted to see Coach [Williams] that mad again, so everybody's picked up their play. When we had the team down 20, we [tried to] get to 30 and tried to keep the game out of reach."

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