UNC-UN: Postgame Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – After North Carolina's 106-70 win over Nevada on Thursday night at the Smith Center, Roy Williams and the players spoke with the media ...


Opening remarks:

"On the court it was a really good night for us. We played pretty well in the first half and the start of the second half, very efficient offensively in terms of turnovers and made baskets. We shoot 64 percent in the second half, missed some that we could have made as well.

"But you sort of lose the thrill when you see a kid like Bobby Frasor, who's a little gym rat who does everything in the world to make himself the best player he can possibly be, thinks about the team first every time, talks to the guys on the bench when he's on the bench too, he's like a coach over there. I don't know what he wants to do, but if he decides he wants to be a coach, he's going to be a great coach. He's got tremendous savvy.

"He can handle this. It's not going to be easy. It's not easy for any of us right now. I told the team that this should put things in perspective, that every day you don't take things for granted, every day you do the best you can do to enjoy that day because you don't know what's coming around the corner. I also told him he could have gotten hit in the parking lot and torn his ACL that way. He's got a wonderful group of teammates that will try to help him and a group of coaches that truly love him. You hate to see somebody that's really made himself into a much better athlete than he was when he got here, and has taken whatever's been given to him try to do the best with it.

"I was scared to death when I was walking off the court with him, so I told it was a cheap trick to get a standing ovation. I was scared to death but I was trying to make a comment to get him to laugh.

"In the game, I thought we were good defensively again. Offensively we were really efficient. I thought Ty Lawson was really good. It's not a very big deal about Wayne. He didn't start because he didn't get back from Philadelphia yesterday. He had some problems with the machines trying to check in, they wouldn't work, they told him to go get in line, they moved him to another line, and by the time he got there they said he needed to be somewhere else and he went over there and they told him he missed his flight. At the same time he understands what I'm saying is that you don't get to your flight at the Christmas holidays one hour before the flight leaves. You've got to give yourself time to get there. It's no big deal. I told him it's not a big deal. He admitted he should have gotten there earlier. At the same time he didn't practice yesterday so it's hard to start someone when they don't practice the day before. I thought he handled it very, very well, and I thought the other team realized that by starting Danny the crowd doesn't get to watch him dance, so I probably should have gotten somebody else out there. But Wayne played really well coming off the bench. He concentrated and did what he was supposed to do. Marcus had a tough job trying to guard Kemp....We knew he was going to score. We tried to hold his percentage down, and he was 7-for-21."

On the team's second-half defense:

"Yeah, I told them to do a better job staying in front of the ball. I'd like to give some coaching credit but it wasn't."

On Frasor's improvement before the injury:

"I've said it and people don't understand it. He is absolutely 100% better than he was. He's never been a bad defensive player. He's just been 100% better because of how verbal he's been and what a leader he's been with the team defensively. He came up with the steal in our press, and didn't get the basket. Then we went to it again and he came up with another steal, fumbled the ball almost out of bounds in the corner and slapped it to Ty, and ended up getting it back and making the basket. He had this smart aleck little grin on his face.... He is really good. His leadership we're going to miss, his defensive play we're going to miss, his sense of humor. But the plan is Dr. Taft is probably going to wait a week or so to do the operation, then he'll be ready to go in the fall. If there's anybody that's going to do exactly what the doctors tell him, it's him. He's as tough a little nut as I've ever coached. He'll do what he needs to do."

On who will step in for Frasor:

"I don't have any frickin' idea. I care about that little runt in the training room right now. But somebody's got to step forward. I haven't put any thought to it."

On the team's run to end the first half:

"It's Ty Lawson. He had two steals. He really pushed the ball. We got three straight possessions where we got baskets on the other end right before the half. At the start of the 2nd half we moved the ball a little bit better. Deon makes a basket, Tyler makes a basket, Wayne makes a basket, so I think our offensive efficiency early in the 2nd half was good, but right before the 2nd half it was our defensive play that turned into baskets on the other end."

On Lawson's defense:

"He's getting better defensively. I was really surprised at the first four or five games that he didn't have more steals because I think that he can be a real pest defensively. It's just something that he hasn't concentrated on, felt comfortable with, hasn't had the stamina, hadn't thought that way, whatever way you want to talk about it."


On the injury to Bobby Frasor:

"It's hard to describe. There's a lot of emotions going through your head....He was gripping his leg in pain and you're wondering whether it's his knee or his foot again. Then he seemed to get up--it was a big sigh of relief. But to come back into the locker room and to have them tell us what happened....It's just hard to describe. It's painful for us to hear, just knowing what Bobby's been through, just the fact that everything he does is for the game of basketball. He's worked so hard to get where he is, battling through the season last year and really coming back healthy this year and playing great....Obviously it's hard for Bobby and his family, but it's hard for this team."

On what the team loses without Bobby Frasor:

"A lot of people overlook what Bobby does. When he comes in, he's going to play great defense. And his ability to pass the ball, his knowledge of the game--he's like another coach out there."

On what the team has to do without Bobby Frasor:

"We talk about it all the time....Everybody has to elevate their level of play."


On his thought process when deciding to dunk it:

"I just wanted to get everyone into it."

On injury to Bobby Frasor:

"It was just tough. I actually saw it happen. So it was tough. I can't look at him. I hate when stuff like that happens....Especially with what he's been going through last year and now this year."

On what he worked on over the break:

"Instead of sitting around and being fat and happy, I ran sprints, made sure I was still in shape, getting even in better shape."


On the play of JaVale McGee:

"He's a force. He's one of the best shot blockers I've ever played against. I was really impressed with him. But I think I gave him some pump fakes and some different looks, and used my strength at times. I just figured it out as the game went on and I got more comfortable with him."

On the play of Ty Lawson:

"Ty did some big things. He pushed the ball well. He opened up some things for us tonight with his break."


On the worst part of being in the airport:

"Just knowing I was going to miss practice."

On coming off the bench:

"Coach and I talked. He told me to just come off and give us a spark and stay focused. That's what I did."

On the mood of team after Bobby Frasor's injury:

"Everybody's just sad....he was hurt last year. Especially with a guy who works as hard as he does. He's such a big part of our team, especially from a leadership standpoint....We're praying for him."

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