Bunting Quotes

"We're going to focus on the positives that took place in the game the other day. We're going to go out to practice today and prepare for Wake Forest, who has done a great job over there. Jim Grobe and his staff have done a great job over there. They've lost a couple of tough ballgames, one to Virginia and one to Clemson. They've fought every single game. They've won some, and they've lost a couple. They were involved last year with us in one of the most unforgettable games of my life. We're anticipating that it will be a real physical football game over there and we'll have to be at our best to have an opportunity to win.

With a couple of these injuries, we're really going to have to rally around our quarterback, and I think we'll do that. I've been in situations like that in the past where we've rallied around a quarterback. Defensively, with the loss of Will (Chapman), our lone real experienced guy on that defensive line, we'll see what we'll do with the personnel there. There's not a whole lot I can do to change those situations, except try to get those players to play better. Naturally we'll see what we can do with Issac Mooring this week, hopefully maybe he can help us. Jermicus Banks can come back and help us. We'll have Tony Pigford up from the scout squad and continue to work at the D-end position."

Bunting on Darian Durant:
"I have not met with Darian. Darian was in earlier today and met with coach Tranquill. I will meet with him tomorrow. I want him to go home, he doesn't have many classes today, so I want him to go home and rest and I'll see him tomorrow. We'll figure out what we're going to do. I want Darian involved with our team, he should be involved with our team and that was the message that Gary Tranquill sent to him. Gary of course wants him involved because he can be a very valuable asset on the sidelines of games and during practice. I will work more with Darian tomorrow."

Bunting on C.J. Stephens:
"I met with C.J. yesterday. He is very excited and challenged which is exactly the way coach Tranq is taking it. He's looking straight into the sun and saying 'Hey, we're going to go get it'. We're going to work hard, get you schooled up and we're going to go play a ballgame. No hesitation, no blinks, no blink of an eye by Gary Tranquill's part and none on my part either.

"I think you saw some of those results in that drive he took down and scored a touchdown. That is a tough position to come in and play. To come right in, get sacked, knocked around a little bit, hit a couple times, I thought he showed a great deal of courage and a great deal of grasp of what we were doing on offense when he was able to take the team down and score. I was really pleased with him. That's my ability to judge what he has done, what he did in that game. What he has done in practice, he's taking a lot of reps, hasn't taken all the reps, but there are days where he is very sharp out there. I'm anticipating hat he'll be ready to play and play well.

"He has a much better grasp of the system and therefore he should be able to do things that coach Tranquill wants him to do relative to any audible, picking up where the front is, where the safety is and all that stuff.

"He's a product of not only his dad being a coach, but his mother being a great parent. He's got a situation where he's had a lot of teaching in terms of being motivated and he has taken advantage of all those situations. Very, very bright, very detailed and his only problem he's had since I've been here is he's a little hard on himself. I've been around those quarterbacks, like a Joe Montana, that get really mad, but the next moment he's ready to go. Like a cornerback you have to have a short memory, you have to play the next play. That's the only thing I've said to him this week I think relative in preparation here, next play. One play at a time. Get ready for the next play, don't get mad for very long. Because there are going to be problems and you cannot let problems get in the way of the next play, it's too much fun, get excited, you get another play another game to play. This is exciting to go over to Winston-Salem at Groves Stadium."

Bunting on practice this week:
"I like to think that this game is a very competitive game and it's supposed to be a lot of fun. Sometimes I get concerned that we don't have enough guys around here that don't think this is fun too. There's a lot of drudgery involved in practice time, so we're going to try and make sure that we as a staff go out there and set the tempo for these players, I will. I'm very excited about today's practice and I'll guarantee you that there will be a lot of hooting and hollering going on out there. The big thing is how you prepare. You never have an opportunity to win a football game if you haven't prepared well. We have got to accentuate the preparation part of it and have to get better on special teams. Our special teams really let us down last week. I expect to win that phase. Going into that game, last year against Virginia, I said they were the best special teams we'd seen and we won that battle. Going into this game, this year, I was concerned about it because they had some people that could return the ball and sure enough it bit us. We lose that game, in part, because of our poor special teams play. Kickoff return for a touchdown, couple times we didn't punt the ball very well, particularly when we had the wind at our back and didn't get a chance to return punts because their kicker kicked it out of bounds."

Bunting on Matt Baker:
"Matt will take C.J.'s reps this week. He'll be getting a third of the reps this week. I'm very confident in his ability. He's got a strong arm, works hard at it, and stays out after practice everyday throwing the ball. That's what he's been doing since training camp. I told them at the end of training camp, that Darian is the guy, C.J. is second and Matt is third. Don't loose sight of the fact that something could happen at any moment. He said, `I won't, I'm going to stay out after practice everyday and work on my mechanics and techniques.' And he did it. Every day working out there throwing the ball. I can't ask for anymore than that."

Bunting on preparing this week for Wake Forest:
"We've got to try and improve. We've got to really tackle. They're a different style of offense. This is what makes them unique too, they're a different style of offense with some of the misdirection plays , counter plays, sprint outs, the reverses and fake reverses all the time. There's a lot of physicalness to their play, along with all the deception. When you have a short week, it makes them more difficult to prepare for than some other teams. It really forces you to be exceptionally discipline. Of course that's been our break down in the second halves of these last two ballgames. A breakdown in discipline, and knowing what the guy next to you is doing, exactly what that other guy is doing. We kind of blow a fuse when something goes wrong and all of a sudden it we're a little haywire. We have to get better at that, or it will be a long game. They've put some numbers on some people, last week 365 yards rushing."

Bunting on Jacque Lewis:
"He should be fine. He'll be working probably with the first group today. Mahlon (Carey) and Willie (Parker) will probably split second group reps. I want to get Mahlon continuing to play football."

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