UNC-KSU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington, Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Green, who spoke to the media following the 90-61 victory over Kent State.

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On this non-conference stretch of games:
"I thought we did some nice things. It was frustrating at times, but I think this stretch here has been really good for us. We've been exposed to a lot of different kinds of styles that we're going to face throughout the year, people trying to spread us, which teams will do throughout conference play as well. I think for the most part we did some nice things there."

On North Carolina's defense toward the end of the first half:
"It started really on the offensive end because of Will [Graves'] bad shot. We turned it over throwing it inside to the post twice, and the big kid [Haminn Quaintance] had five steals… Those kinds of things led to the transition defense. We've been working on that hard, and we've been doing a nice job, but we didn't do it at the end of the first half today."

On his demeanor during the game:
"I was frustrated. I didn't think we competed as well, and we didn't play as intelligently as we have. I told Will Graves, ‘I don't care if you score 1,700 points in five minutes, your butt is not going to play if you don't guard.' I thought he didn't compete on one possession. He just stands there, let's the guy get the ball and lays it up. I'm pretty tough on guys if you don't do two things – if you don't concentrate and you don't hustle."

On Alex Stepheson:
"Alex practiced [last night] – we couldn't get him a flight out. So he practiced and we got him out on a 7:10 a.m. flight this morning… We'll have to wait until we get the news from California about Alex, as to when we expect him to come back. Families come first – I have no problem with that whatsoever."

On Quentin Thomas:
"I'm very hopeful and really, fully expect that Q will be able to play Sunday."



On defensive adjustments in the second half:
"As a team we needed to get off into the middle of the lane and be prepared for the backdoor cuts because that is what they wanted to do because we pressure so hard. We stayed on the ground and contested all of their shots."

On his shooting performance:
"Last week, my dad came down and shot with me in the gym. I put in a lot more hours that I usually do in the gym, so that's where it came from."



On the team staying focused during blowouts:
"We are an experienced basketball team and we know we can't lack focus. That is something that we probably did last year. We are not really lacking focus when we get up. We are staying focused and concentrating on what we have to do."



On the intentional foul:
"It was aggressive, but I think he was going for the ball. You have to call it a flagrant just because it was a physical foul, but there aren't any hard feelings toward him."

On if he would change his style of play to prevent hard fouls:
"Never – I'll never do that. That's the way I play. I'm not going to shy away from anybody. You can put a linebacker out there – I don't really care."



On losing three key players in the last week:
"The bench was looking really slim… It's just another obstacle that we've got to face and get through. Everybody's been playing well, so we've just got to continue to do that."

On if the team overlooked Kent State:
"No. They're a good team. At first, some guys may have taken them lightly, but you know they're going to come out and they're going to fight. All good teams do fight back, so fought back and came close and we had to step up and play harder and be more focused."

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