Scouting Report: John Henson

Dave Telep, the nation's top recruiting analyst, reviewed his notes and compiled the following in-depth scouting report on 2009 forward John Henson ...

    John Henson
    6-10, 200
    Round Rock (Texas) High
    Class of 2009

    Opening Thoughts:
    This kid is all about upside. There is so much room for improvement and so many signs of him getting there. We're talking about a guy who hasn't even remotely scratched the surface of what he's capable of doing. He spent 90 percent of his life as a guard. He's now developed, because of a big growth spurt, into a unique front court prospect.

    It's almost all irrelevant what his game is now because he's a work in progress. He has the ability to play inside and outside. He's got good touch mid-range and in, he can do some things around the basket, but he's not a typical low post player. He's learning to be a low post player right now.

    Defensively, he's going to be a shotblocker. He'll impact games at both ends. Remember, you're talking about a guy who never had that mentality -- it's all instinct right now because of the size and position change. He's a guy learning the ropes. It's like a boxer jumping three weight classes for his next fight. It's got to be a gradual process.

    Areas for Improvement:
    There are a lot of things he needs to do to get better. He has to get stronger, but you can't get stronger until you stop growing. He has to be a more physical post player. But all these things are going to come in time. It's what he is as a prospect that gets you excited. You can see he's headed in the right direction but he hasn't gotten there yet – the writing is on the wall.

    College Projection:
    I don't know yet. I think at the end of the day, whenever that is, he's probably a versatile frontcourt player. He can play to mid-range now. Keep in mind that he's not a case of a big-time guard prospect who grew. No one who saw him as a guard thought he was a high Div I player – when they saw him as a frontcourt player, they really liked him.

    He reminds me – in terms of his situation, not his game – of Corey Brewer. Brewer goes to underclassmen events and he's not really ready to be thrown into the mix with his peers, but you can see the physical tools and talent and then boom a year later he's one of the best prospects in the country.

    No. 6 PF, No. 24 overall --- You never rank a guy solely on potential, you only rank a guy on potential if he's shown signs of fulfilling his potential. When you're showing early signs of development and making significant strides, that's where John Henson comes into play. His averages have gone up considerably, and that's a piece of the equation. That's what's important here, to understand that we're dealing with building blocks.

    We rank him among our Top 25 prospects not based on any specific things he did last spring or summer – we rank him there because when you study who he is and see where he's going and understand that along the way he's gotten better each year, it's easy to look forward and see where he'll be one, two years from now.

    All the markers are there. A huge growth spurt midway through your high school career that changes you from a backcourt to a frontcourt player is a big deal. He has the body and look of a guy who is young for his age group. He hasn't had his coming out party yet. He's being graded on the fact that he's making steady progress, his physical attributes are there and his size will be there for him. And you definitely look at him down the road -- there's just so much raw material there.

    Final Thoughts:
    From a UNC perspective, there's not a whole lot not to like. And he's got ties to the state. When you start getting to know a guy like this, there's every reason to step up your recruitment of him. All the feedback is very positive if you ask around about him. He's exciting from a prospect standpoint because who knows when the next jump will be and what it'll look like.

    If you're looking for that "signature performance," he hasn't had one yet. But that's okay because, again, you're talking about a guy who has the signs and the markers of being a really big prospect. He's got kind of a gregarious personality and is coming out of his shell a bit. He's the guy who a year from now you'd expect the ‘wow' factor.

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