Commitment Q&A: David + Travis Wear

David and Travis Wear, 6-9 twin junior forwards from Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei, committed to North Carolina on Friday. Late Friday night, they both talked with about their decision to become Tar Heels ...


What was it about North Carolina that really stuck out to you?
We've seen a lot of the commitments lately and we knew that it was getting time for us to make a decision and we didn't think we should wait any longer. So these last couple days we've really sat down with our family and I sat down with my brother and we really thought about it and we came to the conclusion that we thought North Carolina would be the best fit for us as players and as people. The education is great there and the overall community is a good fit for us.

North Carolina has now established an elite group of post player commitments in both the 2008 and 2009 classes …
I think it's good. I'm looking forward to playing with those guys. I was excited to hear about some of the commitments they have and all of them are great players. I'm really looking forward to playing with all of those guys.

How did you like the visit when you went to UNC?
I really enjoyed it a lot. Before the distance was playing a little bit of a factor, but once I got there I just saw what the college atmosphere was like of the town and how family oriented the whole community was. I really felt comfortable when I was there and that really helped me in my decision.

How is your relationship with Coach Williams?
I get along great with Coach Williams. He's recruited some Mater Dei players in the past and we were able to talk about that. I just felt really comfortable with him and I feel like I can sit down and talk to him when I need to.


How did you guys come to your decision to commit to North Carolina?
We came about it last night. We just felt that it was a good time to commit because we didn't want to get passed over because we were taking too long to commit. I think North Carolina was a good decision for us even though we also had UCLA and Arizona as our other top schools. I think we made a great decision and I'm happy with it.

Did the visit to North Carolina clinch it for you guys?
I hadn't been there before, but after I visited there I got to see what North Carolina was all about and how family oriented the community was there and I just really liked it. I felt that was a good place for me to go to school.

How is your relationship with Coach Williams?
My relationship with Coach Williams is great and he's a nice guy. He's a great coach and he's always putting players into the NBA and winning national championships. He's a stern coach, but also very soft spoken and he's just a great coach.

Did UNC talk to you and your brother about how they see you all fitting in?
We haven't really covered all of that yet. I know we are going to be more power forwards types, but we'll also have to look at the other power forwards we'll be playing with too. I know he isn't going to have us isolated in the post, we are going to be able to go outside as well as go inside and play.

You and your brother are obviously two different people, did you all always agree on the same decision? Was it tough to come up with a decision between both of you?
We've always had basically the same thoughts as far as college and school goes. I think when we discussed it last night we just felt that North Carolina was the place for us to go and that nothing was really keeping us from making the decision and we shouldn't wait any longer.

Did the distance ever factor into it?
In the beginning when I was younger it did and I wanted to be closer to home, but now as I've gotten older I know that I'll have my brother there and my parents will be able to fly out and maybe get a place out there. Distance wasn't a factor at all. It's a nice place to be and a great place to spend the next four years of my life.

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