All-American Spotlight: Braden Hanson

ORLANDO, Fla. --- For much of the week leading up to the Under Armour All-American game, North Carolina pledge Braden Hanson has been playing catch-up, which has lead to uncharacteristic mediocre performances in practices.

"I had a little misstep in the beginning of the week," Hanson said. "Me and Spencer [Adams] forgot to get a wakeup call, so I ended up missing the first meeting and practices. So it took me like a day or two to realize all the plays."

Because of the setback, Hanson, a 6-foot-6, 190-pound quarterback from Charlotte (N.C.) Latin, has received fewer reps in practice.

"I'm just kind of taking it the best way that I can," Hanson said. "Mike Glennon, to be honest, has probably had the best week throwing it. He throws a great ball.

"But I'm sure I'll get in. They told me [I'll get in] in the second quarter a little bit. How much I play, I can't really control that, but obviously I'd like to be out there. Now that I feel comfortable with what we're doing, I think I'm starting to throw a little bit better."

Team Undeniable's goal is to exploit the coverage requirements of the All-American game – defenses can only run man free or cover three zones.

"Because of the defense, we're running lots of seams and we'll do some slants and jets, some crossing patterns versus man, some hitches, some fades," Hanson said. "Not too much where you're mind is going to explode in one week, but enough to where we can beat the defense in a number of ways."

The week in Orlando mingling with so many elite athletes has provided Hanson his first opportunity to play recruiter. His primary target was Adams, who is rooming with Hanson and had UNC as a finalist before selecting Clemson Thursday evening.

"If Spencer committed to North Carolina – which I thought he was – I was going to take all the credit," Hanson said. "I was working him so hard. My brother won a Tar Heel stuffed animal at Disney World. I put it in [Adams'] bed and he slept with it the night before [his decision]. I was talking to him a lot and I really thought he was going to be a good fit for [North] Carolina."

However, Hanson isn't so sure Adams' recruitment is over.

"I know it was a pretty tough call for him," Hanson said. "I know he was thinking Carolina five minutes before he announced Clemson."

Hanson has also been working on Dwayne Allen and Christian Wilson.

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