UNC-CU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

CLEMSON, S.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Wayne Ellington, Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson and Danny Green, who spoke to the media following the 90-88 overtime over Clemson.

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On his team coming back from seven down:
"I told them that I was very proud of them. I knew we were down seven and I told them to come back like that was extremely important. During two different timeouts -- I loved this scenario for us -- I told them that I wished we had won in regulation, but we didn't, but that this would be very good for us. It's the first time that we've really, really been tested this year. And I love the way our guys held their poise. We still turned it over a couple of times. Deon fumbles it and turns it over and we turn it over on Wayne's pass trying to get it in to Tyler... It was fun, to say the least."

On Trevor Booker fouling out:
"Well, it was big, there's no question about that, but it also caused problems for us because then they went four perimeter guys. That's the reason we had to take Deon out of the game some at the end, because they had four guys who could shoot the 3-point shot. [David Potter] was tough matchup for Deon, trying to guard him out on the court. When Booker fouled out, they put him in and so we had to go with Danny. As I said earlier, Booker was a big player for them and we were lucky getting him in foul trouble."

On what Clemson did to limit Hansbrough's touches early in the game:
"Well, they've got athletes that make it difficult. They get around in front of him. They also put pressure on the basketball. I said before that I think they've been a good defensive team in the past, because Oliver [Purnell] does a good job coaching that part of it, but they're better offensively. They're more balanced this year. But we didn't have very good spacing. We kept getting in the way of each other, getting it too tight instead of trying to open the floor up some, and I think that was huge for us. It made it difficult for us to get the ball into Tyler."

On Ellington:
"When I recruited Wayne Ellington, I thought that this could perhaps be the best scorer that I've ever recruited. I am so confident in this young man and what he can do. He worked hard in the offseason -- he got bigger, stronger and was able to absorb the contact a lot more than he was last year. And he's also gotten a heck of a lot better defensively, so he doesn't have to come over and sit with me a lot."


On his game-winning shot:
"It felt good leaving my hands, and [James Mays] had a chance to get it, but it felt good and I knew if it got there, it was going to go in."

On feeling vindication after the Georgetown miss last season:
"I've been waiting for that shot. Coach already told me [that] he knew I was going to get more shots after that Georgetown game like that and it felt good. I was confident and I knew it was going in when it left my hands."



On Clemson limiting his touches:
"I think a lot of their main focus was to take me away. They packed a lot of guys in around me -- doubles and stuff like that -- which opened up a lot of things for Wayne and some of the outside guys who had a big night for us."

On Clemson:
"I think they came out and showed that they're really good. A lot of things went [right] for them. We did not play our best game tonight, so there were plays defensively that we didn't make that we should have, and there were some times when the ball didn't go in the hole. So we have to work on that, but also, I think this team was very good."



On his feelings after the win:
"It was just a joy to get up, to get a win and to get out of there."

If Clemson's press bothered him at all:
"No -- they were slow to rotate in doubling me, so I just ran through the middle of it and kicked it out or got easy lay-ups in the beginning of the game."



On the final stretch run:
"Thankfully, things worked out for us. We ran the right things at the right moments, and found the right people at the end of the game, and those people made some big shots for us."

On if the team ever thought they were going to lose:
"We knew the game wasn't going our way the whole game, but we never thought we were going to lose. We're always thinking that we're going to win. We've got to have that attitude, that confidence level -- we always felt like we were in it."

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