Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On Quentin Thomas:
"We really need Q to get some time out on the court so he can get some more confidence back. That's a big thing with him. As long as he still feels good, we'll play him on Wednesday and hopefully that'll help us for Saturday night."

On Alex Stepheson:
""I think his flight got in at 6-something ... he's back. I spoke with him and his father over the weekend and they're still trying to get a lot of results back from the tests… I did say earlier in the show tonight that Alex is back in Chapel Hill – I think he's back in Chapel Hill right now. He had an early morning flight this morning from Los Angeles through Charlotte and got back. I spoke to Alex and his dad both over the weekend and they felt like he needed to get back. He felt like he needed to get back, so he will be at practice tomorrow."

On the sophomore class' improvement:
"Most coaches feel like that from your freshman year to your sophomore year is the biggest jump because you have the experience, you're not overwhelmed as you were your freshman year, so I think Wayne [Ellington] and Ty [Lawson] are both doing some nice things, and I think Deon [Thompson] is coming along. I'm not satisfied with Deon, but I'm not displeased with him by any means, so I think there is something evident there.

Do the referees have trouble keeping up with UNC's fast-paced style?
"It was a challenge for them, no question. One time, we took it the length of the court and scored in like four seconds on the shot clock, they took it back and scored because we did a bad job of sprinting back and they scored in like four seconds, and then we took it the length of the floor again. It was three straight possessions and each one was about four seconds – we scored, they scored, we scored – and that is very difficult for the officials to keep up with, especially the speed with which Ty [Lawson] can go and [Cliff] Hammonds can go and the freshman for them.

"There was one play late in the game that if the referee had had a little bit better position, it would have made it easier for him to make the call. Whether or not that was fatigue, or just not getting in the right spot, I don't know, but at the end of the game, the youngster Hammonds – I guess I better be careful not saying something that I shouldn't say – there was one time at the end of the game when I think it may have been better if the referee had been in a better spot. Let's leave it at that. I'm tired of getting calls when I'm not really saying anything, so I'll just leave it at that."

Have you been able to move things along quicker in practice without a true freshman on the roster:
"There's no question that you can introduce something that we did last year that they pick that up quicker. And there's no question that if we add something completely new, they're not overwhelmed by all of the other cataloged stuff that they have in their brain. It is nice to have that, but at the same time, I think that if you assume that they know something, and you assume that they're going to be able to produce it on game night without teaching it, then it usually puts you in a bad spot, so we try not to assume those things."

On Bobby Frasor:
"We're not sure right now [when Bobby's having his surgery]. But if you want to have a good laugh – it was a great laugh for our team – we brought the team in earlier this afternoon at about 3 p.m. to watch the clips that we had cut out from last night's game… if you watch that tape, Wayne makes the shot, our bench is jumping around and you see Bobby on the sidelines giving fist pumps and then a more exaggerated fist pump, and then Bobby just collapses. He just goes out of sight. And he fell because his knee collapsed on him. Our entire team laughed so hard.

"That was the first play that we showed of the Clemson tape, so it was the first and the last, but if you wanted to see the guy that would definitely bring the thought to mind, ‘Down goes Frasor!' because he went down hard. It was the funniest thing that I saw in the game last night. When we were huddling up over there with 0.4 seconds to go, Bobby's laying over on the bench with Marc Davis, our trainer, working on him. He had to ice it again last night and take some Advil or whatever it was that they gave him. He did see another doctor this afternoon after the film session, and we'll know a little bit more tomorrow."

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