Commitment Q&A: Reggie Bullock

Reggie Bullock was in Chapel Hill on Wednesday afternoon to formally commit to Roy Williams and the Tar Heels. The 6-6 Kinston (N.C.) sophomore then sat courtside for UNC's game. As he headed back home, he talked at length with Inside Carolina ...

How did it go down? What caused you to commit?
Basically they've been my dream school since I started playing basketball and my family liked the school and I've been telling them that it's the school that I really wanted to go to. I used to get Tar Heel pajamas and shirts and stuff like that. It's been my dream school and basically I made the commitment and I didn't want [the opportunity] to slip away from me.

Did you tell Coach Williams today in person?
I told him today. It was kind of weird, because he came in this morning and one of the workers in his office asked him if they'd gotten a commitment from another player. And he said ‘No, not that I know of.' But Coach [Steve] Robinson knew the whole time that I was coming. It was a surprise that I came up there to let him know face-to-face that this is what I wanted to do.

How is your relationship with Roy Williams?
I've gotten to know him pretty well. He can get fired up during games, and that's what coaches are supposed to do, but he can also be real friendly when he talks to you.

What did UNC say when you told them?
They smiled and coach Roy Williams said he was glad to have me apart of his family and stuff like that. He told me great players like me make coaches like him look good. He knows that I'm a great player and told me to keep working.

You got the offer from Carolina last week, did it surprise you? Did you see it coming?
It came pretty early to me. I thought it would come after my junior year or something like that but it came pretty early.

Why UNC? What stood out about those guys?
They are the about the most all-time winning school and they have had great players go to the league. The history and the pride and the national championships, I want to be a part of that. That's why I picked the school and it feels like home.

What caused you to make your decision so early?
As soon as they offered I knew that was the school that I really, really wanted to go to.

How did UNC first find out about you?
Basically Coach Robinson, I played with his son on AAU, so he basically saw me throughout the summer and that's how I actually started getting recruited by North Carolina.

Kendall Marshall is another sophomore committed to UNC. Do you know him well?
He texted me this morning telling me ‘Congratulations'. He knows that I'm a good player and I know he's a good player. While I was watching the game today I was envisioning him as Ty Lawson and me as Wayne Ellington like dishing and driving to the hole.

How was the trip today? What all did you get to do?
I went to go and tour the campus and I met with some of the academic advisors. I saw some of the players and I went in before the game for the pre-game. I sat on the first seat in the first row of the Dean Dome. It was pretty fun.

Have you ever sat that close to the floor before?
No, last time I went down there I sat second row, but it was behind the press [row]. But I got to sit on the court today and it was fun. All the fans were saying ‘We love you Reggie' and all of that. It was fun. They were talking to me while I was walking up and down the stairs before and after halftime.

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