Bullock: 'The Total Package'

Kinston (N.C.) High School head coach Wells Gulledge knows he has a special talent in sophomore Reggie Bullock, the versatile and unselfish wing player who committed to UNC this week. Gulledge provided Inside Carolina with a scouting report on the future Tar Heel ...

    Reggie Bullock
    6-6, 185
    Kinston (N.C.) High
    Class of 2010

    Scouting Report
    by Wells Gulledge
    Head Coach
    Kinston (N.C.) High School

    "He's a big time scorer and slasher. He's a kid that really shoots the three very well, but he also has the total package and can put it on the floor.

    "Something that I really pride myself on watching him do is the high floater on the inside against 6-9, 6-10 guys. That's something that was not taught, he had it in his game in middle school and it's something that he kind of learned along the way.

    "It's something that a lot of kids go through four years of college and never really develop that soft high floater. Whether it's off the glass or in the middle of the lane it's something that he's been gifted with. I just love watching that part of his game. The other things like strength and defense are both things that he could work on and practice. There are little things like that floater are just a God-given ability.

    "I think a lot of people started looking at him because everybody likes to see the three balls fly, but he's got the package where he can put it on the ground and slash. When the three isn't falling you have to be able to put it on the floor and create and I think he's really worked on that from a freshman until now. I think a lot of it is maturity and being comfortable with the game a little bit more.

    "He's starting to develop that total package where he can go inside or out. I don't mean posting up, but being able to put the ball on the floor and penetrate. He's a very, very unselfish player. There are a lot of Division I guys that are going to big universities that I'm sure a lot of their teammates don't enjoy playing with, but Reggie is one of those guys that really keeps his teammates involved. He's averaging about five assists a game and he shares the basketball. He's just a team player. We are going to be successful not only from his scoring, but also from him being a great teammate.

    "If he continues to improve yearly from what he did as a freshman to where he is now, and where he's going to be a month or two years from now it could be a scary situation in the ACC. He's going to work and he's going to bust his hind part to make it happen.

    "Going up there [for a full campus visit on Wednesday] and seeing a little different side other than the Dean Dome and Kenan Stadium and seeing the nuts and bolts of everything and college life, is something that's overwhelming at first, but it's something that needed to be done and he's going to take that challenge and it's going be a great marriage between Reggie Bullock and North Carolina."

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