McAdoo Impressed by Visit

Michael McAdoo had nothing but positive things to say about his official visit to North Carolina this weekend.

"It was the best one I've been on so far," McAdoo said. "Just how I can interact and how I just felt so comfortable around the other players and the coaching staff."

McAdoo, a 6-foot-7, 220-pound defensive end from Antioch (Tenn.), has taken one other official visit – Kentucky - back in December.

Rashad Mason, a fellow Tennessee native who grew up with McAdoo, hosted him during his stay.

"It was great because he knows what type of guy I am and I know what type of guy he is," McAdoo said. "He knows what I like to do, so before I came down he already had stuff planned for us to do."

The first thing that impressed McAdoo was the campus.

"I really like the campus," McAdoo said. "It was nice, it was clean. Everything is right there. You don't have to go outside of Chapel Hill to get what you need."

McAdoo's visit continued to progress through an in-depth conversation with John Blake, UNC's defensive line coach.

"The first thing he told me when we were doing some Xs and Os and watching film was ‘Mike, if you come to North Carolina thinking you're going to redshirt, then you need to find another college,'" McAdoo said. "That hit me in a good way. I would have a good chance of starting or getting playing time as a true freshman."

McAdoo received more surprising information during his one-on-one meeting with Butch Davis, which put an eye-opening ending to his stay.

"One thing that we talked about was, he said if I came to North Carolina I could play basketball, too," McAdoo said. "He knows that I'm a two-sport player. That put a big smile on my face knowing I could play football and basketball. And he said he recommends his guys to play basketball, because you can't get enough conditioning [if you don't play a sport in the off-season]."

Since no other school has offered him such an opportunity, McAdoo revealed that it has given UNC an edge.

McAdoo says his UNC visit has set the bar very high for any future official trip.

"That trip right there is making it harder and harder on the next school," McAdoo said.

McAdoo has an official visit with Vanderbilt scheduled for January 25th, but he's attempting to move it up to this coming weekend.

Additionally, McAdoo has been talking to Cincinnati and Louisville about possibly visiting their campuses. However, those visits may never materialize since he's looking to make his college decision relatively soon.

"I'd say about a week or two – maybe three, I'll decide where I'm going," McAdoo said. "If I still go to Vanderbilt [on the 25th], then it will be right after that. But, if they move it up to this weekend, then I'll know after I go there."

McAdoo cited playing time, depth chart, and academic support as the main factors going into his final decision.

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