Monday Joe Holladay Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina assistant coach Joe Holladay filled in for head coach Roy Williams during his weekly ACC teleconference.

Opening Remarks:
"We're fortunate to be 2-0 in the conference – very fortunate to win the Clemson game the way that we won it in overtime, making a big shot. Playing at home against North Carolina State, I thought that defensively, it was probably the best that we have been – in the first half, anyway – and offensively, our guys were also clicking."

Please tell me that Coach Williams didn't hit his head –
"He did not. He's just not here right now, that's all I can tell you."

On Georgia Tech defending UNC's transition game:
"They've been very successful against us down there. They've been very physical with us. As far as knowing how to play us, they play with us. They don't try to slow it down themselves. They just make hard cuts, set great screens and really get after the ball and I look for them to be the same way [on Wednesday]. They've been on the road and had two tough road games and they're coming home for the first conference game, and I'm pretty sure on this – we have not won down there since we have been at Carolina. I think we've been down there twice."

On Ty Lawson's right ankle:
"His ankle, I think, is fine. I'm sure it's a little sore. It's the same ankle that he sprained earlier in the year when he had to miss [time] out in Las Vegas. So there's always a little concern when it's reoccurring."

On Lawson's maturation:
"He's more of a leader now. He does a lot of little things that people don't see that he didn't use to do. I'm really happy that he made some threes the other day because we feel like he's a good shooter. He doesn't shoot very many of them, but we feel like he's another weapon shooting the basketball, besides just his speed on the court.

"His defense on the ball has really improved. We feel like he can get the ball under control out there against the other team's point guard most of the time. I think he's more consistent as far as pushing the ball and getting the pace we want. At times [during] his freshman year, he would slow down because he was tired or he just decided to slow down. Now, he's pretty consistent with trying to push it every time, so I think he has progressed in all areas for us.

"[He's] not a vocal leader, necessarily, but he does so many little things. A year ago, I'm not sure that he lead by example all of the time. And now, he kind of sets the pace when he's the first one out there on defense, picking up the ball and getting in their face. I think the other four guys standing behind him waiting to cover their men – that has an effect on them and he's the one that they see coming down the court with the ball when we're on offense and so he's going pretty fast, so it gets the guys moving already and setting screens and so forth."

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