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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On Bobby Frasor's ACL surgery on Monday morning:
"I was at the hospital this morning for about 45 minutes to an hour. They ran Bobby's mom and dad and me out of the room at about a quarter to twelve, took him back for the pre-op and the whole bit. I went back at 2:30 p.m., Bob and Donna were still sitting there and said somebody had come out and told them that it would be another 30 or 40 minutes. At that time, we still didn't know what time they had actually taken him from the pre-op room into the surgery, so we still didn't know when it started.

"And then I ran back up there – drove back up there – at 5:55 p.m., as soon as practice was over. And at that time, Marc Davis had called to find out if he was still there or if he had already been released, and he had already been released… According to Marc Davis, they had called over and said the surgery went very well. They were very pleased with it and it was exactly what they thought."

On the defensive effort in the N.C. State game:
"I did think we were much more active than we were, for example, against UNC Asheville. Also, I think most of the time I'm pretty realistic – they missed some shots that they normally make. Again, I hope our defense was a little part of that, but the kids are working hard. We went back into ‘The Pit' again this afternoon for 20-30 minutes, and it's something that we're going to continue doing. We've got to get better on that end of the court."

On describing the ‘The Pit':
"We go back to the practice gym and there are no goals up. We've taken the rims and the nets off the backboard and we practice a little while, and if there's no goals up, that means you can't shoot. If you can't shoot, that means you get to play defense and that's all we do. We do defensive drills, defensive stations, and try to get them to focus and be enthusiastic about that part of the game."

On defending N.C. State's point guards:
"We wanted to put pressure on the point guards, but to be honest with you, I don't think that we put nearly as much pressure on the points as I wanted to put. One of the things is that when you break people down and get into some double-teams, we've always talked about how they have more open shots. We wanted to guard people in a strict man-to-man a little bit and see how we could get up into the point guards. We didn't do that great, we were okay, but hopefully we'll be able to do it better later on."

On parity in the ACC:
"I think the difference between winning and losing is so small, that you have to be ready to play. Right now, Georgia Tech is 0-2 in the league. We're 2-0 in the league, and we're going to have to play our tails off to get out of there alive. And that's just the way it is. It's not going to change. It's going to be that way and we've got to play our tails off to win. If you told me right now I was going to win by one, I'd be the happiest guy in America and I'd get the heck out of town as soon as I could."

On the recent string of commitments:
"About the commitments, I can only tell you that we had a great, great win Saturday over North Carolina State, our second conference win, and yesterday I was at Madison Square Garden seeing three high school games. That's the way I want to work, [and] that's the way it's going to stay. In the summertime, when it's a non-recruiting period, I'm going to be working on my golf game, but when it's a recruiting period, I'm too scared that somebody's going to outwork me, so I'm going to be out there where I'm supposed to be."

On Marcus Ginyard:
"I've always felt that your best defensive player should be in the game. And don't just measure Marcus by his field goal percentage or something like that. If you were to ask our team, I'm not so sure that Marcus wouldn't be mentioned in the top two or three players in our starting lineup. A lot of guys just like guys that can score and that's fine, but for our basketball team to be the best team it can be, Marcus Ginyard has got to be in the starting lineup."

Defensive Player of the Week:
"Marcus Ginyard – for the fourth game in a row, and I can never remember that happening [before]… He does such a good job defensively and he'll get some rebounds and have some assists. He's getting beat up to death, in fact, we held him out of practice today because he bumped into Deon [Thompson]. He already had a sprained wrist, he's got a sprained ankle, he's got a bad groin and he's doing such a great job for us."

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