UNC-UMd: Postgame Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Maryland upset No. 1 North Carolina, 82-80, Saturday afternoon at the Smith Center. Listen and read postgame quotes from Roy Williams, Wayne Ellington, Marcus Ginyard and Danny Green ...

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Opening remarks:
""Well I haven't done a very good job with this basketball team the last couple of weeks. We've been living on the edge, and it caught up with us today. Particularly in the first half Maryland was so much more aggressive, so much more competitive than we were. We can always look down and say, `Well you've got to make shots,' and we didn't have anybody shoot a very good percentage. We shouldn't play like we did in the first half today. We made a comeback on emotion, is basically what it was.

"We still weren't shooting the ball in the hole. We got a couple of misses on their end. We have a four-point lead, and we go down and we foul them, they make both free throws. We come back and miss a pretty good shot and foul them, and they make both free throws. We come down and miss a pretty good shot again and foul them, and they both free throws again, so you have to congratulate Maryland for making the plays. I think if I'm not mistaken, they made their last six, and they were all pretty crucial free throws.

"It's a credit to this league and Gary [Williams] and the job that he's done. People complaining about Gary, and I thought his club played really really well today. They're a good basketball team. I think that four of those guys who played so much last year are really important to them. [Eric] Hayes coming back in the game and playing today I thought was important to them. You have to congratulate James [Gist] particularly, 22 [points] and 13 [rebounds]... Like I say, I've done a poor job with this basketball team, and we got to get better."

On if the Clemson and Georgia Tech games masked some problems:
"I don't think it did at Clemson, because at Clemson we played pretty doggone well. We really did. It's a tough atmosphere to play. We made plays down the stretch. We were very lucky. I said this after the game the other night we were very lucky at Georgia Tech. Some people can say that is does. I don't know. I don't know what goes into the psyche of 19-, 20- and 21-year-olds. If I did, I'd never lose.

"We were not as competitive and aggressive as I wanted us to be in the first half. It was just an amazing display. Danny [Green], Tyler [Hansbrough] and Deon [Thompson] were 3 for 17 in the first half. We do have to play defense. It's a two way game. You play defense, and you play offense. We have to get better shots, and we have to get better movement. I don't know if that's what it is or not. I know that we haven't played as well. I did think that we played well at Clemson. Like I said with North Carolina State the first half, I thought we were pretty doggone good. We haven't played well since then."

On Maryland defending UNC's transition game:
"They did a pretty good job of scoring against second shots. In fact, they probably out ran us. They probably really did. During a couple of possessions in the second half I was really mad because I didn't think we sprinted back, I didn't think we got involved and got back the way we did. We had one time two guys give me the tired signal running back on defense. That should never happen. If you're going to be tired, tell me on offense, don't tell me as you're running back and the other team's laying it up on the other end.

"We didn't get guys running, we didn't rebound the ball and the other thing is you look down, and [Maryland] only had 10 turnovers. Tuesday night, Greivis [Vasquez], who I thought was really important to them today, but Tuesday night he had eight turnovers himself. Our defense didn't force the turnovers, and they did a great job of taking care of the basketball. I think that was huge for them. They got the shots where they wanted. They got the ball where they wanted it, and we didn't get it stopped."

On if this game sends a message to his team:
"Like I said, if I knew what went through 19-, 20- and 21-year-olds' brains, I wouldn't ever lose, so we'll find out how we bounce back at practice and how we bounce back the rest of the schedule. It's one game. We're not going to jump off the top of the building, but if it's an alarm clock for them and it shakes them up a little bit and it works out, that's good."



On falling behind early:
"We just weren't competing, especially in the first half. We weren't as competitive as we would like to be."

On Maryland's transition game:
"We weren't getting back, especially in the first half. They had guys that were releasing early and we were attacking the boards and were losing our man and just not getting back. That started them out on the run."



On Maryland's offense:
"It came down to Maryland doing what they wanted to do offensively. We knew coming into the game that they were going to pound the ball inside. They wanted to execute their stuff more than we wanted to stop them, obviously."

On this team living on the edge coming into this game:
"Definitely. We were just hoping things would go our way, hoping that we would get the lucky bounce, hoping that we would knock down the shot at the last second. But the game shouldn't have to come down to that. We should make things go our way a lot earlier than the last couple of seconds. Today we weren't so fortunate."



On the poor play in the first half:
"We came out sluggish. We weren't executing the way we're supposed to. They came out wanting it more than we did in the first half definitely. They were executing their offense and playing good defense on us [and] we weren't getting any easy baskets. They were hitting their shots and we weren't doing what we were supposed to do."

On creating more intensity:
"I guess it starts with the respect of the other team. We didn't respect them as much as we should have and they came out hitting a lot more shots than we expected -- a high percentage in the paint and a high percentage outside as well."

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