Monday Roy Williams Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams spoke with reporters Monday for his weekly ACC teleconference.

Opening remarks:
"We're looking forward to going to Miami and trying to play a lot better than we did on Saturday. I think you have to give Maryland a great deal of credit. They really did some nice things – they got the ball where they wanted, when they wanted it, and we had a tough time against their defense. I think Miami's only second to Maryland – or no worse than third – field goal percentage defense, so we know we're going to face another good defensive club, and we've got to do a better job with our own offense and try to do a better job defensively where we don't allow the teams to get the ball where they want it all of the time."

Do you use a pecking order when establishing what kids to recruit?
"It depends on what we truly feel – to use your terminology – if we do have a pecking order that we want ‘Dan' first and ‘Roy' second, then that's the way that we recruit. If we don't have [a pecking order], and we're willing to take any one of two guys or whatever, it's who makes the decision first and that's the way we go. We don't have a set rule.

"It is a change in the game drastically over the last couple of years, about how early youngsters want to make their decisions and I'm just hoping that we don't get like football where kids make commitments and yet still feel that it's their right to be completely recruited by everyone else, because that's not really making a commitment, that's making a reservation that's going to hold a scholarship for them, and I'm not in favor of that at all."

With the progress that you've made recruiting, how does that affect your summers?
"I promised all of those kids that we would continue recruiting them just like we had not received a commitment from them. The only thing is, we wouldn't be recruiting and looking at other kids in those same positions, but we would still do everything we could to make them feel good. The other thing is that [when] somebody has already said they're going to join our family, why would I not want to go watch those kids play and enjoy watching them play?"

On defense improvement and how important Marcus Ginyard is in that regard:
"I think that we've got to try to do a better job in every phase. I'm not panicking by any means, I'd even use this example – in 2005, early in the season, I didn't think we were very good defensively, but at the Final Four, in the semifinals and the finals, we held Michigan State in one half and Illinois in one half to below 30 percent field goal percentage, so I think we can get better, I think we're going to get better, but it's certainly the thing that stands out the most and where we need the most work, so we're going to keep doing the drills, keep working on it in practice, keep emphasizing it.

"I think Marcus does play a huge role in it. He's kind of banged up, beat up and everything else right now, and it's because he does play so hard and does a good job getting through screens. That also means he's taking a few more hits from other guys, but there's no question that he's our best defender. The sad thing is that Bobby Frasor was our second-best defender, and he's not playing any longer. So some other guys have to step up and decide it means that much to them as well."

On the players' morale since Saturday's loss:
"I have not seen them at all. We initially decided to give them Sunday off, and I decided not to change that… We're bringing them in at 1:30 p.m. today and watching tape and practicing after that and I'll have a much better feel for it at that time.

"I want them to hurt any time we lose. I want them to hurt, [but] I don't want them to feel like they've got to jump off the top of a building. If it doesn't mean anything to you, then we've got the wrong group, because it certainly means something to us as coaches. I have not seen them yet and we did not play well, or as well as we wanted to, but again, let's not only emphasize that because Maryland did some great things and had a lot to do with us paying poorly."

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