UNC-WFU: Locker Room Report

WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- Hedgecock, Stephens, and Longhany share their thoughts after UNC's 31-0 loss to Wake Forest.

Madison Hedgecock

What can you tell us about switching over to defense this week?

I did it in two days. I was playing fullback last week, and I switched to defense.

How did you find out that you were moving? Did you approach the coaches or did they approach you, and when?

They called me up and said they were thinking about moving me to defense. I said that if we need somebody to move to defense I'll be glad to do it. I'll do it for the team. I think it happened Sunday night or on our day off on Monday.

Were you surprised that they asked you to move?

Yes, I was surprised, but they wanted more depth there because we've had injuries. I did it for the [good] of the team.

Is this a permanent move or just for this game?

I can't answer that. I really don't know.

How do you think you played?

I think I played all right. The first drive I was a little uncomfortable, but I was playing a new position and anybody would. After the first drive I felt pretty comfortable.

If I had move to linebacker, I'd have had to be more technical. There is more to know, like being the quarterback on defense. Defensive line is easier to learn. I think I held my own.

Where would you rather play?

I'll play any position they want me to.

What is the locker room like after a loss like this?

Like any locker room after a loss. It's quiet and everybody has their heads [down]. But we have to keep working. The season is not over. We are young, so we have to keep working and stay after it.

C.J. Stephens

Did Wake Forest do anything to throw you off or that you weren't expecting?

In general, I don't think they did anything that we weren't expecting. They just out-played us. We have to go back to work tomorrow and put a stop to this and learn how to put everything together. We've gotten ourselves in the habit of getting almost there and not quite being able to get the job done. I think we have to figure it out, make some changes, and get going in the right direction.

You guys lookes so good on the first drive. Was it frustrating to not get any points?

That's frustrating, but I think that's a problem we've had all year. We've moved the ball extremely well at times, but we always seem to be one play away--one play from completing the drive, from doing everything to get the job done. Whether it's a penalty, a turnover, or a missed assignment, unfortunately, we are finding a way to shoot ourselves in the foot, and it's keeping us from getting the job done. Like I said, we have to go to work tomorrow and figure this thing out. Trials come, but the sun will rise tomorrow. We have to keep fighting, and things will get better.

How hard will that be? This is an opportunity for people to give up.

I have a lot of faith in all the guys on this team. We are not going to give up. We've been faced with a lot of tribulations this year. We really have no choice but to keep fighting and get better. Just lying down won't get us anywhere. We have to figure this out. Hopefully, next week we will put ourselve in a lot better position than we did this week.

How do you feel about your first start?

Well, we didn't put any points on the board, so it's hard to feel like any of us did really well. We are all disappointed, but the sun will come up tomorrow. It's time to go back to work. We have a lot of things to improve. That's all we can focus on now.

Why do you think you aren't putting points on the board?

The bottom line is, as a group, we aren't getting the job done. The way offense works is that you can put up 10 great plays in a row, and one bad one will ruin it. Or, you can have 10 guys doing the right thing and one person doing the wrong thing can ruin it. It's a game of perfection, and right now we are making too many mistakes in every facet of the game. We are all to blame, so we have to fix it.

Jeff Longhany

When did you find out you were going to start?

I found out Wednesday in practice. Clarence Gaddy, the previous starter at the "Sam" position was covering a wide receiver and took a hard hit to the back of the helmet and suffered a concussion. From then I knew I'd be starting.

How do you think you played?

I feel like I made my share of tackles. I missed a couple of key reads. I missed a couple of tackles on third down. I have to grow up, as well. I did some immature things that I knew better than to do--but for some reason I did it. I feel like I can grow from this and become a better player.

What are your thoughts about Wake's running game?

It's a lot of misdirection and option. What really hurt us is that they'd get us on the run and then they'd do a play-action bootleg. That hurt us. In the first quarter, they hit the tight end. We just didn't go through with what we knew would happen.

Wake is known for their ground game this year, but their big plays were in the air. Were you playing them more for the run?

We were stacking the box. We were putting seven or eight in the box to stop the run. Then, you have man-to-man coverage on a wide receiver out there, and we didn't get pressure on the quarterback. He's got time to throw, and there are no defensive backs that can lock down receivers for five seconds.

What did you think about Madison's move to defense?

I [look up] to Madison Hedecock for that. He moved over and that was hard. He picked right up on it, and I think he did a great job today. He will only get better, and I feel like he needs to be on the defensive side of the ball.

What does it say about the depth on the defensive line that a guy on offense has to move over and play on three day's practice?

It's not that we don't have depth. We just know what Madison can do. I think it's something that was going to happen in the spring, but it just got pushed up a little due to injuries. Our depth and experience now is fine. It's just that everybody asks the same question, and we don't know why we can't stop the run.

Do you think this is a permanent move for Madison?

I really don't have any idea, but I would think it's a permanent move. If Isaac Mooring's hand gets better and he can play, [Madison] may move back over [to offense], but, on the other hand, Gibson and Faison did a wonderful job at fullback from what I saw. I can't really say.

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