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Over the course of the last month, Casey Kelly's recruitment has led to some confusion, starting with the cancellation of his January 11th official visit to North Carolina.

"They called me a couple of days before and said they didn't have a football scholarship for me and that they were going to try to get baseball to get me one," Kelly said.

John Shoop, who is Kelly's primary recruiter at UNC, hasn't contacted the 6-foot-4, 195-pound quarterback from Sarasota (Fla.) in a couple of weeks.

"I don't think they're out of the picture," Kelly said. "They're just trying to figure out what they can do from a scholarship standpoint from the baseball side."

If Kelly were to come to UNC on a baseball scholarship, he wouldn't be eligible to play football unless he was switched to a football scholarship (per NCAA Bylaw

"My first year, I wouldn't play football," Kelly said. "The year after that – the summer workouts – I would start working out and it would turn into a football scholarship and I could play that next year [the 2009 season]."

Heading into his UNC visit, Kelly had crowned the Tar Heels his leader. Unsurprisingly, things have changed since the visit cancellation.

"Since the whole thing happened, they kind of really dropped off," Kelly said. "I don't even know if they have a scholarship for me right now. I think baseball does, but I'm not really sure about it."

This weekend, Kelly will take an official visit to Tennessee, which is his only scholarship offer for football.

Kelly has also been offered by Arizona State, but – in line with what UNC is attempting to do – the offer is for baseball and would turn into a football scholarship after a year on campus.

Yet another variable is the MLB draft, which expects to call Kelly's name.

"It depends on the money," Kelly said. "I don't know where I'm going to go, so I can't really make a decision on that."

With so much uncertainty, Kelly is just taking his recruitment week-to-week – if not day-to-day. He isn't sure if he'll sign a National Letter-of-Intent for football or baseball, or take the professional baseball route.

"I like Arizona State a lot," Kelly said. "… A lot depends on my trip this weekend [to Tennessee], I think."

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