Monday Roy Williams Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams spoke with reporters Monday for his weekly ACC teleconference.

Opening remarks:
"Well, we felt much better after the Miami game, needless to say, than we did after the Maryland game last week. We've had a three or four-day break here, and we'll start full practice back again today. Hopefully the guys had some time get over some of those little aches and pains out the way, some of those little nagging injuries that you accumulate during the year, and I'm looking forward to hopefully having three great days of practice trying to get ready for [Boston College]."

What are you favorite memories of the NCAA Tournament?
"Well, I've got a couple of favorite memories. Those are probably pretty easy to figure out – '82 and '05. I think every coach wants to coach on the biggest stage, and that's what the NCAA Tournament is. And also, I think it's a reward, it's a way to measure how well you did during the regular season, which – thankfully – still means a great deal to coaches. It may not mean as much to fans as coaches would like for it to, but I still believe that it's college athletics, and so I think it's good throughout the entire season, but you are pointing towards that big tournament at the end and you want your club to be playing its best at that time.

"I think a lot of my great memories and great thoughts of the tournament is getting in there and being able to win a game and advance, and to know that a lot of people are not playing and that your team is still playing. And then you get another chance and you win and you advance and I think at each level the excitement and energy level you is even greater…

Do you think Michael Jordan's shot in '82 was one of the big moments in the tournament's history?
"I think so. Being North Carolina and being Coach [Dean] Smith's first [title] has added some significance to it, but also what Michael did later, and the attention that he gave that moment of being able to say that he had an opportunity to step up and make the big play, and the confidence that it gave him later on and he still talks about that. I think all of that is a part of it, and I think it's a huge moment in the [tournament's] history."

What were your thoughts after Tyler Hansbrough was flagrantly fouled in the Duke game last year?
"Well, I think he is difficult to officiate because he's in the middle of contact, and that's just the way he plays. At the time it happened, I didn't know how serious it was – that was my first thought. Hopefully it was not any more serious than being finished for the day or whatever kind of thing, but that was the first thought I had. And then the second thought I had was that I hated that for what I thought had been a very good, hard-played game to end like that because that's what people were going to talk about. Because when I remember the game, I wanted to remember how both teams had competed and how both teams had played exceptionally hard."

You emphasized pointing out that Tyler was the victim in that situation in the weeks following that game –
"I like Gerald Henderson. I tried to recruit him [and] I spoke to his dad afterwards, but everybody – well, not everybody – it seemed to be more of an emphasis on that part of it as opposed to the guy who had his nose broken and was trying to wear a mask. Look at his stats during the ACC Tournament. He's never had a three-game stretch like that, so he was the victim. There's no question about it. And I wanted to make sure that people remembered that."

You have said that you've never seen a bad defensive team in the Final Four, but have you ever seen a bad offensive team there?
"No bad of anything has probably been in the Final Four, I guess is a way to combat what I said. I have seen some teams in the Final Four that weren't nearly as effective on the offensive end, but were great defensively, and very seldom have I seen a team that was really, really good offensively and really bad defensively – that may be the best way to put it… I've seen some teams that weren't very good offensively but were great defensively be in the Final Four, but I haven't seen a team that was just great offensively and couldn't play a lick of defense – I've never seen one of those teams there."

On playing against Boston College's shot blocker Tyrelle Blair, after Maryland had success blocking UNC's shots last weekend:
"It was just Maryland's blocking shots – we didn't play well defensively. There were a lot of other things that Maryland did… I think the Blair youngster is having a great year [and] we've got to understand that, but it's not going to make us change the way we play. We've got to guard ourselves on our defensive end of the floor. We've got to guard and play like we know, and not just worry about the other teams, but we've got to do the job ourselves… We've got to do a good job on the defensive end, and at the same time, if we do a good job there, perhaps we can get them to miss some shots and that helps our break. And when it is in a half court situation, we have to be aware of him, there's no question about that. But last year, [Clemson's] Trevor Booker blocked about 100 shots of ours, but we still won the game by 20."

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