Scouting Report: David & Travis Wear

Dave Telep, the nation's top recruiting analyst, reviewed his notes and compiled the following in-depth scouting report on the 2009 power forward twin duo of David and Travis Wear ...

    David Wear
    Travis Wear

    6-10, 220
    Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei
    Class of 2009

    The Wears combine size, skill and a great work ethic. They are kids who work hard outside of the game on their individual improvements. They have all those things going for them. They're slightly different players – the interesting thing about them over the last couple years is every now and then you'd like one better than the other, but maybe in the last year the consensus is that David is a little better right now.

    While both can step out and play on the perimeter, David is more comfortable and is stronger on the perimeter – he shoots it a little more reliably from deep, whereas Travis I think long term he's going to be the bonafide post guy of the two. Or that'll need to be where Travis' focus is. David is that guy who can relocate on his jump shot, has a better resumé in bigger settings when it comes to shooting the ball from the perimeter. Travis would be the guy you project middle to in and gravitating to the post more so than David.

    Areas for Improvement:
    When you talk about areas for improvement, it basically applies to both guys -- first and foremost is a commitment to rebounding. It's fine to have perimeter in their games, but at their size there will be rebounding responsibilities in college. They'll also have to improve their ability to guard more athletic players. And third -- and this isn't one you get to talk about often -- what happens and how do these guys play in different situations with and without each other? How do they respond to adversity if one is on the floor and the other isn't? It's not an area for improvement necessarily, but they've been on the floor so much together, but what happens in college when their minutes get yo-yo'ed? When you think of David Wear, you think of Travis Wear and at some point they'll fully evolve into separate guys and how they handle that will be interesting.

    They have some natural gifts, because these are legit 6-10 basketball players who have the ability (especially David) to shoot the basketball from the outside and now the next challenge is to both be a factor as a rebounder and do more off the dribble – where it's attack or mid-range pull-up. They've got to add that to their skill package. They're regarded as being skilled for their size on the perimeter, but it's from the middle-in and going to the rim – that's the next step for both. And with Travis, further emphasizing on expanding his post and pivot game.

    College Projection:
    They are both power forwards with slightly different skill sets. They can play at the same time together, but UNC's personnel will dictate different things and so they will not be on the floor at the same time sometimes. But to be on the floor at the same time, they need to expand their games, as mentioned previously. And to be on the floor at the same time, they'd cover the 4/5 positions, so they'll both have to make that dedication to rebounding.

    No. 7/8 PF, No. 26/27 overall -- Their movement up and down the rankings will be dictated by how they respond to being the focal points of their high school and AAU teams. I think you're going to want to see their games expand, you'll want to see them be competitive as leaders and that'll all dictate where their final rankings ends up. Right now their projection is a lot of talent and a lot of size rolled into one and now it's time for them to define who they are as players.

    Final Thoughts:
    This year they are beginning the stark change from the first half of their high school and AAU careers years. They played complementary roles on excellent AAU and high school teams. Really for the first time now what you're seeing is these guys being thrust to the front and center, where the AAU safety blanket of Jrue Holiday, Jerime Anderson, Larry Drew are going to be taken away. So it'll be interesting to see how they respond when the focus is solely on them. They've had the benefit to develop, but not be asked to carry the load – now will be the time they're asked to carry the load and we'll watch how they respond to that.

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