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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

Opening remarks:
"[This week] has been a little bit of travel, and not smooth travel at that. But it beats working for a living. I did travel to the West Coast to see Larry Drew and another couple of kids play, and coming back was not as smooth as I would have liked it to have been. You guys may fly red-eyes a little bit and I fly them a lot, but if they're two minutes late, I despise them. One we had yesterday was six hours late, so it was not a good time. We went to Abilene, Texas and didn't really plan on going to Abilene, Texas…

"But that's okay, we got back alright. We figured it out today – 10 hours and 20 minutes on an airplane, [and] five hours and 20 minutes in the air and four and 50 minutes sitting on the ground. So it was a long day. Wanda went with me, and I tell you what, she's not so sure about this glamorous lifestyle I lead… If that had been after Saturday's game [against Maryland], some pilot would have been scalped."

On Miami:

"We played well. We had some moments that we would like to take back, but for the course of 40 minutes, bouncing back after a really disappointing loss on Saturday, to go there and play the way we played, I was really pleased… In the first half, the thing that kept us in the game, kept us with the lead basically, was our work on the backboards. And in the second half, we were really efficient offensively. Shot a high percentage, and when we did miss, we got some rebounds and again, it was an effort that you had to have on the road against a very good Miami team. They scared us to death, and rightfully so…

"The second half, with the pace of the game the way we were going up and down [the court], we ended the game with only seven turnovers, which I was really pleased about that. And Ty Lawson – the way we counted, which I think is probably a better way – he had 19.5 assists and 2.5 turnovers. We give you a half of a turnover if they deflect it and it goes out of bounds, but it's still our ball. But we also give you a full assist if he throws it into Tyler and Tyler lays it up and gets fouled, because Ty Lawson has done his job. But 19.5 to 2.5 is the best ratio we've had anywhere this year."

On Boston College:
"Tyrese Rice is a great little point guard, the big fella [Tyrelle] Blair is the best shot blocker in the league and Al Skinner just does a great job with his club and they're unique to play."

How many calendars did you sell in Chapel Hill when you first started out?
"I started out the first year and sold 10,500 calendars, and the last year I did it, I sold 56,500 calendars. I was the best calendar salesman there ever was… But the first year I sold 10,500, it took me nine weeks to do it, and I drove 9,000 miles and made $2400. The last year I did it, I sold 56,500, I did it in five weeks and only drove 3,500 miles, [because] I got to be a little smarter too…

"It's funny and I laugh about it now, but it was after my second year here. If it hadn't been for the calendars, I would have to left Carolina, because I was offered an assistant coaching position, a full-time position, at another school. If it hadn't been for the calendars, I wouldn't have had enough money to feed my family and so I would have left… I don't know that there's anybody that comes up to me and says, ‘Roy, I bought some calendars from you one time,' because I remember those people."

On the team's practice schedule:
"Today was the first full day of practice that we've had since [Miami]. We played the game Wednesday night, gave them Thursday off completely. On Friday, we brought them in for 45 minutes of running and shooting, and really, it was more shooting than running. On Saturday, we did the same thing and also lifted weights for about 45 minutes. Sunday was completely off and today [we] had a good two hour practice. Tomorrow, we'll have a weight session and about an hour and 45 minute practice, and on Wednesday, we'll taper it down a little bit. We're trying to work on everything we do and hopefully add in a wrinkle or two so that by the time we get around to the second half of the conference season, we'll be able to do some different things."

On ESPN's Doug Gottlieb stating that Danny Green's pregame dance is a distraction:
"My momma told me if you [don't] have anything good to say about somebody, just keep your mouth shut, so I'm going to keep my mouth shut."

What he enjoys most about coaching:
"The coolest thing to me, and I'm not trying to be corny or anything, is the look on your guys' faces when they've accomplished something, and especially when it's something that's very difficult, whether it's a big road game or beating somebody that people didn't think they were going to beat or just accomplishing some things as a team…

"Everybody in here, you would give anything you could to be on a team again. And I tell every player I ever recruit, ‘Think of the most exciting moment you've ever had in athletics, when you've had the greatest thrill that you've ever had – it's when your team has won something. It's not when you gain 120 yards and score three touchdowns. It's not when you score 35 [points], it's when your team won a big game.'"

"Roy Williams Live" airs Monday evenings on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates.

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