Abrams-Ward to Announce on Signing Day

With his list of options dwindled down to North Carolina and Tennessee, E.J. Abrams-Ward will wait until Signing Day to announce his college destination.

"I'm still in-between those two and I'll make my decision on Signing Day," Abrams-Ward said. "I'm not going to necessarily have all the shenanigans, but I'll have some reporters and news stations."

Abrams-Ward, a 6-foot-4, 205-pound athlete from Thomasville (N.C.), adamantly claims he hasn't made a decision yet.

"Basically, at both schools education-wise it holds its own weight," Abrams-Ward said.

"One school has a great coach who has a great track record – Carolina's Butch Davis. He's well-known for putting guys into the NFL. It also has something to do with basketball – ACC basketball [and] Roy Williams, who probably is one of the best coaches in history.

"And then you have Tennessee, which is in one of the best conferences as far as football. They have a great program – top 25 in football. In past years they've put a lot of guys in the NFL. Coach [Phil] Fulmer is a great guy. And then basketball, the basketball team is in the top 10 now [and] they're on the rise as well.

"Both sides are looking bright. Both of them have said they'll give me the opportunity to go out and work hard and play as a freshman. It will just come down to how I feel about the schools."

Both schools will allow Abrams-Ward to earn a spot on their respective basketball teams as a walk-on.

Seeing so many similarities, Abrams-Ward will focus on which school is best for his athletic future.

"Which one will give me the better chance to fulfill my goal to play in the NFL?" Abrams-Ward said.

Both schools are recruiting Abrams-Ward as an athlete with an emphasis on offense, particularly quarterback and wide receiver.

On Wednesday night, both schools had what appears to be their final in-home visit until Signing Day.

Butch Davis held his lone allotted in-home visit with Abrams-Ward last week.

"He just wanted to reassure what all the other coaches have been saying: the opportunity for me to play early, the asset I would be to the team, the team is hungry, and the goal isn't to be mediocre and settle for mid-way, they want to be No. 1," Abrams-Ward said. "They're trying to win. They've got a goal and Butch Davis is trying to get them there."

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