UNC-FSU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Ty Lawson, Tyler Hansbrough, and Quentin Thomas, who spoke to the media following the 84-73 overtime victory at Florida State.

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Opening remarks:
"You have unbelievable emotions with a game like that. I'm so proud of our team and I would have been really proud if the shot that the [Ryan] Reid youngster had made from the corner – if it had been for four points, I would have been really proud… We made the decision during warm-ups that Marcus [Ginyard] was going to play, because he's got a strained big toe or turf toe – I don't know what the dickens that is – he's got something that really bothers him. He hasn't practiced the last two days.

"And then to lose Ty [Lawson] four minutes into the game and to not have our kids have a pretty day by any means, to not get it like we normally do off the break and get those easy baskets, but to still tough it out. And then to have the toughness to come back after having somebody make a three… to have our kids bounce back and play like they did in overtime is extremely important for us.

"Danny [Green] had not been playing very well, and Danny made some huge baskets for us in the second and in the overtime. In the first half, I didn't think he played very well and I told him so, and then for Tyler to be struggling as much as he was and still have 22 points and 21 rebounds… And we had a difficult time to say the least stopping [Jason Rich's] penetration and then Isaiah [Swann] making the three's in the first half… we feel very fortunate to say the least."

Did Ty's absence make it difficult on Tyler early on?
"I think it probably did. He's our best passer – he wouldn't be starting for us. He's our best passer and he can break you down off the dribble more and then draw big guys to him and then Tyler can get it, but I think the other thing is to congratulate Florida State's defense. I always thought Leonard [Hamilton] never got the credit he deserved for how well his teams defended you, and I think that's a huge part of it as well. They made a concerted effort to make it difficult for Wayne to do much, they face-guarded him, and they made a concerted effort to make it difficult on Tyler and they accomplished those [goals]."

On Lawson's left ankle sprain:
"I have no idea. Nobody does… We won't know a thing until Tuesday after practice, because I'm not going to let him practice tomorrow, and then Tuesday, we'll see if he can do anything."



On the left ankle sprain:
"I think it's real high – it affects the way I run."

Is it pretty bad?
"Yes, it's pretty bad."

Any idea about Wednesday?
"Well, I know I'm not practicing tomorrow. Maybe practice Tuesday, [but] we'll see how it goes. I don't even know about Wednesday. Probably a game-time decision."

What happened on the play?
"Honestly, I don't even remember. I think I blacked out for like 10 seconds… I don't remember what I did. They said he grabbed me and pulled me back, and I guess he fell on me, but I honestly don't remember."

So there was no way that you were going back in the game?
"Oh, no. I tried, [but] I couldn't."

How is your ankle now?
"It's real tight, so I don't know. But it's real tight."



Did this team learn something about its toughness today?
Definitely. There was definitely some adversity. We weren't sure about Marcus, and Ty goes down… I think Marcus was our third-string point guard, and we weren't sure about him and Ty gets hurt. It was difficult."

When do you start thinking about Duke?
"Right now. Towards the end of that game, as soon as it was over, Duke was on my mind."



On having to jump in and play 36 minutes:
"You've got to be ready at all times. In any game, you never know what's going to happen. Somebody can get injured, and unfortunately, that happened.."

Did playing without Lawson early in the season help tonight?
"I think it did. I think it did, but at the same time, I just need to be ready at all times. And not just me, but everybody else. We didn't know Marcus was going to play today. That would have been [more] adversity, but he sucked it up and he was the leader like he's been throughout the season and that really helped."

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