Monday Roy Williams Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams spoke with reporters Monday for his weekly ACC teleconference.

Opening remarks:
"Well, we've had two good wins against Boston College and Florida State. Against Boston College we played pretty doggone well, and then Florida State played really well and took away a lot of things that we like to do. We lost Ty [Lawson] early in the game and still made enough plays at the end, and even survived them making a three right at their last possession to tie the game up and then won in overtime. We feel very fortunate. There's no update on Ty, with the exception that we did take an x-ray and it was negative so there was nothing broken, but he will not practice today and we won't have any idea if he will play or how much he will play after practice tomorrow, if he can practice tomorrow."

Will Quentin Thomas take over at the point?
"Unless we've got somebody else that you know about that I don't. That's the only option we have. We started the season with Ty Lawson, Bobby Frasor and Quentin Thomas as our point guards, and right now, we're down to Quentin. We're not going to do a lot in practice today anyway. Playing Sunday – I hate Sunday games anyway – and coming back late last night, we're not going to do a lot today, but Quentin will be our point guard. We'll try to do a little mental work Marcus [Ginyard]. We'll let him have the day off too because his toe is still banged up."

On any other players that could slide over to the point guard spot:
"We worked Tyler Hansbrough there last week for a couple of possessions so we'll have to see if he can handle it or not… He really did good. You think I'm lying, but we put him in for one play just to lighten the mood at practice the other day. We put him at the point and let him bring the ball across the court. We even kept a defensive point guard on him, so he didn't get it stolen and he brought it across and he could do was giggle the whole time. So I think if he did it during a game, he would probably lose the giggling part."

With just one point guard, does that change your strategy for Wednesday?
"We're probably at a point right now where I can't really answer that question. We have some scenarios where [we say], ‘Well, what if this happens or what if that happens,' but you don't want to practice and spend all of your time on some scenarios that may never happen. And the other thing is, with Marcus for example that we have used back there as an emergency point guard, he didn't practice Friday or Saturday because of his turf toe or whatever it is that they're calling it.

"So we're a little limited in what we can do today at practice. Tomorrow we'll make sure that we get some repetitions for Quentin back there and needless to say, some reps back there for Marcus as well. And then we'll also have a much better feel on Ty, but right now, I don't think the chances are real good. I don't mind going out on that limb that far – I don't think the chances are real good that Ty would play."

On Duke:
"They present some matchup problems for you if you have everybody, regardless of whether Ty is injured or not. I think they're playing better than anybody in the league right now and they haven't had any close games because they've beaten the dickens out of everybody, even though they were behind in two of their last three games at halftime. They've just come out and annihilated them in the second half. I do think that they're playing better than anybody. They create some matchup problems in the way that they do a great job in spacing, they do a great job with the perimeter shot. Even Kyle Singler, who sometimes is their No. 5 man, is behind the 3-point line and does a great job shooting it, and it's the best defense that we will have faced so far this year by far."

More on Lawson:
"He's not going to practice today, and we'll look at him tomorrow. I don't feel real good about him playing and we'll just have to wait and see. We won't have any more definitive answer tomorrow at this time. We'll have a little more definitive answer after practice tomorrow when we see if he can do anything."

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